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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Agent_Smith, May 25, 2006.

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  1. I am on the waiting list for a familiarisation visit to the Royal Engineers in Chatham sometime this summer.

    Can anyone shed any light on what is involved in the visit (apart from following round some engineers)

    Practical demonstrations, demolitions, vehicles, big bangs? :?
  2. I look forward to it. By then i should have been to a fam visit with 1 RRS (Royal Scots), so i should have an idea about what 'real soldiers' do :wink:
  3. You tit.

    RLC fam visit. Expect a bunch of REMFs gobbing off about how crucial the role of blanket stacker is. How the Army has to get on without them because the supply chain is so slow. How the ATO guys have nothing better to do than get excited over nothing. How their tradesmen are taught by the Royal Engineers but still don't do anything but build toilets and bury the dead. Oh yeah, and how they can easily re-role to perform as road blocks because they are that fat!

    Should be very interesting.
  4. Well done AB_Logs you seem to have grasped some of the roles of the Sappers quite well.

    Why don't you come across and join us.

    With a little work on your spelling you would fit right in.

  5. Although i'm sure this isn't in style with the current way the thread is going it might be relevant...slightly. My experience with the RE was doing some PT on the hottest day of the year (always a laugh), some explosives work, raft building, swim test, bridge building command tasks, interviews and an oh so thrilling day at the EOD school (good scoff though). Hope this helps.


    Ps, done any other visits other than Scots?
  6. Thanks, sounds like the sort of stuff i would enjoy. I'm trying to organise some other visits, blackwatch being one. I might try the reme.
  7. On a slightly more helpful note surf around this page a bit.


    If thats a bit too exciting for you...

  8. FFS Agent Smith, you seem to have a rather diverse choice there! RE, REME, Royal Scots and Black Watch (and please note correct abbreviations/capitalisations/spellings!) Are you reading for a relevant degree for the REME? If not (IIRC) they won't even look at you!
  9. He's absolutley right to look around! As I stated, there is not enough time to consider the options once the CC starts and I would argue that as a cadet your focus is more on staying off your CSgt's radar.
  10. AB Logs-

    Fair point about keeping an open mind, but IMHO Agent Smith is showing a complete lack of focus here. I could understand making a choice between Inf Bns or between technical Corps but surely someone with exposure to the military already should have more of an idea?


  11. I don't know how much exposure Agent Smith has had to the field army so far, but I had spent over three years in the ranks before RMAS and I still found the process of deciding on choices of arm very difficult and subject to a great deal of time pressure.

    Research is the key: all of the different arms come in heavy with the recruiting patter once the process starts at RMAS and it is easy to get a skewed view of what they REALLY do. Indeed my own capbadge is as guilty as the rest of them on this count. Getting a real feel of a unit or corps from a fam visit is worth its weight in gold, most importantly because you can have the opportunity to speak to ANY of the soldiers and SNCOs - not those chosen as good recruiters.
  12. Tell me about it! My original choice was purely the infantry, but my ACA(O) strongly advised that i put down another part of the army in my inital choices. Hence the RE.

    As for qualifications, I did not study an 'engineering' degree at uni, but they have my CV and know what i studied. I am also very practical (building, chippy, etc).

  13. An engineering degree is not a must have for the Engrs, (surprised me when I heard it). One of my better Troopies was qualified in history and one was a non grad.

    AB_Logs you can apply to transfer now, well done :D
  14. Yes, that seemed to be a rumour that was circulating around my fellow candidates at the RCB-Briefing. Thanks for clearing it up.
  15. That'll be helpfull after all I cant remember how many troopys tip up and crack on with the building side of life!

    Oh wait a minute I can remember, NONE. You'll be given the patter and then its upto you to decide.

    Infantry- Generally have to lead to every task and show them what you want doing (Unless its basic infantry work then they are fanfu**ingtastic at it)
    Engr- Generally have to watch them like hawks as the job will be finished ASAP and then were off on the pish :twisted:

    So the choice is yours and dont forget your trapping kit for a night out. Start at the KG5 then the cannon then of to Nam thats Gillingham for whatever delights are there now (used to be scallys but christ knows now)


    Edited cos of bratty fingers