Familiarisation Visit

I have a familiarisation visit coming up with the Signals as I am trying to get into Sandhurst. I know there is an assault course involved and a final race. Does anyone know how long the race is and what’s the assault course is like (I am so excited for it). Also could anyone give me any advice for the two day visit please?
if you want to join the signals as an officer ask yourself what you want to do in the army, if the answer is LEAD men, dont join the Signals as all you will do is MANAGE men, also dont be fooled into thinking you will be using lots of cool IT or Comms equip as you wont, youll be in an office.

As for the 2 day course, **** knows.

Hope that was useful. :D
notsogreen said:
if you want to join the signals as an officer ask yourself what you want to do in the army, if the answer is LEAD men, dont join the Signals as all you will do is MANAGE men, also dont be fooled into thinking you will be using lots of cool IT or Comms equip as you wont, youll be in an office.

As for the 2 day course, * knows.

Hope that was useful. :D
LOL so I won’t get to kill people or use cool satellite imagery positioning systems like Jack Bauer ;)

Well the Familiarisation Visit I guess is to see if I like the Signals and well if the Signals like me. When they ask me why I want to join the army and I tell them that “I want to join because I couldn’t sit behind a desk all day and for the adventure”, am guessing there probably going to tell me it’s not right for me :/
Notso is wrong, In the Signals we have Troop Commanders not managers. You will lead especially as a young officer.

As for being stuck in the office, fat chance you will be too busy ;)
screw the nut!

that is the problem with recruiting, too many people trying to fill round holes with square pegs, let him know the truth.

He will not be taking guys on Ops in a leadership role, end of chat, he will not be using sat imagery in the way jack bauer does.

The title troop commander in the signals is an oxy moron!! They have a job to do but they are not inspirational leaders of men
I beleive the Jack Bauer line was sarcasm to your reply as Jason never mentioned the hollywood action piece.

The Tp Cdrs I see lead, they are not "Line managers". In the Regiments they will deploy small dismounted tactical dets deal with their own force protection and life support. They wont be sat running a job sheet on the shop floor.

Granted they will not be fixing bayonets and charging the line but I am sure Jason would of pushed towards the infantry if that was his desire.
I was never an Officer, but i believe having recently completed 26 years within the Corps entitles me to a reasonably informed opinion.

NSG would appear to be commenting on a completely different Corps to the one i am familiar with. I am well aware times change.... but Disco's comments would appear to be pretty spot on. Failing that, if the excitement of the tank park isn't enough for you, the diverse range of roles within the Corps should provide sumfin to tickle your fancy. Hell, you could even apply for the White helmets and get paid to fall off a motorbike for a couple of years.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that is what this two day excursion you are going on is for.... to help you form yours. Take EVERYONES advice with a pinch of salt and remember that whatever you go for.... completing Sandhurst will not make you a natural born leader of men! It will however provide you with an excellent start point. Listen to the advice and guidance of the GOOD Senior NCO's and learn from their experience.

That will be the end of the lecture.... class dismissed! :lol:

You are obviously a nice young chap on the threshold of a glorious career! Listen to all the comments. Go on all the familiarisation courses you can. Make an informed choice and go on to enjoy a great career.

You may want to consider posting in the Officers forum to get a possible answer on your Course content question.

Good luck bud! :boogie:
Thank you for all the advice guys, I am just going to go and try having a fantastic time, make a fool of myself on the assault course, while trying not to fall asleep in the lectures and hopefully make some new friends. :wink:

Doogonk that was very nice thanks. :D
E-Layer said:
You're either trying to get a rise out of people or you're just a naive tool.

I'd love to hear your slant on Leadership versus Management.
Lol, now who's going for the rise? Admit it.... you're bored aren't ya? :p
Don't let the bed gooks bite bud! Look forward to more of your highly entertaining posts on the morrow! :twisted:
I hope you slept well E - Layer, today is a new day. Enjoy it and dont let "utter choppers "like me wind you up!

edited to add " as i would not want to misquote :D
Hello E-Later, i am glad you slept well!

Firstly i dont think i am insulting Royal Signals Officers as ultimately a spade is a spade no matter how you dress it up and to refer to it as such is doing nobody any harm.

Secondly i will attempt to justify my OPINION in manner that you find acceptable

Officers dont lead men, there is no values based leadership or leading from the front, either on a tank park where i have never seen an officer in covvies (as it is not there job) or on OPs where i have only ever encountered Officers in Ops Rooms, Large rear complexs or if on the ground they are in the back of the truck waiting to get where they are going (as are most of the signals) as it it not there job to do anything on the ground. If they are running isolated dets where they are responsible for food and protection, then they MAY write a stag list (if there is no Inf support) which they wont stag on or possibly write a ration request, but more than likely the Det Comd will do it. (I cant justify this last part as i have never been deployed with an officer as a small out station)

There is not a problem with any of this as to do otherwise would be acting outside there remit, as how many guys want an officer on the tank park trying to show them how keen they are?? They should be in the office, writing CRs, "booking adventure training, military training and other things from the good ideas club" all of which very necessary but hardly inspiring. They push or drive our careers along for which i thank them, but i dont pretend them to be anything else.

Which leave the Oxy moron, comment, i guess as you are keen to insult my intelligence you must be fairly bright yourself, so i am going to presume you understand what an oxy moron is. So the best way i could some it up is the french resistance, what they said they done differs greatly from what they actually done during the second world war, just as what an officers job description says they do differs somewhat to the reality of it.

Now i feel that these comments are getting made bigger than ben hur, all my initial post was intended to do was highlight to someone who may know nothing about the Army other than that they like the idea of being an officer that he might want to think about exactly what he wants out of the Army, as when i walked into the careers office i knew nothing about anything, i was just pushed along a path convienient for the recruiter, now working in a similar environment i am constantly dealing with unhappy soldiers that have been ill advised. I have nothing against Royal Signals Officers or the job that they do.
Sorry forgot to add my slant on leadership vs management

very loosely i would say this sums up my opinion on the two of them

i would say leaders inpsire people to do great things

managers ensure you are on the right path to get where you need to go.

i could now ask for yours, or for you to disprove my opinion by giving examples of when you have encountered true leadership or how they "lead" on Ops, but i wont.

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