Fame at last. Maybe...

Took me a while to see this post, but here is a translation. Typical journalistic incorrectness.

Forces Recruitment in SL
Computer games have been more that just a pastime for pale faced juveniles for a long time. PR and marketing departments of large companies are annually investing millions for in-world advertising, some even create new games to promote the lauch of a new product. Even Politicians and ministries are starting to recognise the benefits of games. Even armies are becoming more active in this area. Initially the US Army drew attention to itself with the propaganda game America’s Army. Shortly afterwards similar games from Iran and China followed. The British Army is going a different way: As the first force in the world, some soldiers have integrated their web site as a 3D world in Second life.

Numerous Members
The web site “Britisch Army Rumor Service” [1] (“ARRSE”) is the unofficial web site for members of the British armed forces. The most important part of the internet presence is a forum in which extensive discussions to various subjects are carried out. The page has just over 30.000 registered members, between 100 and 200 are normally online. An active soldier with the nickname “Bad CO” together with a former officer called “Good CO” started the second life version called “ARRSE-Island”

The Motive
The idea behind “ARRSE Island” is not only to create a 3D community as an extension to the forum, but also to attract new recruits. The owner does not yet speak of successes, but the offer cannot be ignored: Apart from the obligatory firing range there is a night club, a (soldiers) cemetory, a cart track and a bull riding arena. However, one of the creators “Good CO”, quite openly writes in the sim’s Wiki what it is really about: “I would like to see a positive use of the island, for example to recruit for the real world, via an SL office” [2]

Typical Soldiers
To date, ARRSE Island has not been totally accepted in the forum. Whilst the general reaction is positive, it is not abundant: Despite having 30.000 registered members the last entry in the SL area is several weeks old. Here, they do not speak about recruitment or the Army, but more about the amusement for the virtual soldiers. This has been recording in screen shots, that show that virtual and real soldiers are not totally unalike: Some shots from the night club show a large breasted stripper [3].

[1] Their spelling, not mine
[2] This is my translation of the German text, what GCO really wrote is “I (Good CO) would like to see the island put to some active positive use - for instance virtual recruiting., i.e. recruiting for the real world but done via a virtual Army recruitment office in SL.”
[3] That would be minxy then.
Cool! I realy shoud make some time to get back on there. I think that was me free falling in the film 8)

Like the credits at the end of the You Tube file "No walts were harmed during the making of this film....But afterwards.. " :D


Edited thrice for monginess :oops:
Yet again fame in the virtual world.
This time captured at a protest. The person seems to have heard of ARRSE. :D
Gitmo protest<<<<<<<<<<
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