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  1. Does anyone know if you have to have passed main board before attending FAM visits to the infantry or RAC? I passed briefing a couple of months ago.
    Also, is it on FAM visits that you can get offered sponsorship by regiments or is that something you do separately?

    Cheers folks
  2. It depends. Some I did before briefing, some after, and some have said that I can only come after Main Board.

    I would just ring them and they can tell you if you can come.
  3. At my last FAM visits we had people from different stages in their application.

    Some had not done their briefing, some had passed their briefing and some had already passed main board.
  4. Depends mate. I'm booked on to one in August and haven't even done my briefing yet (it's next month). Theoretically I should be doing my main board at the end of August according to my ACA1 and will be hoping to get another one in by then.

    But yeah it depends on the regiment/ corps. Like others have said just give them a shout.
  5. Just to back up the general consensus, it depends of the reg/corps, best to contact them unless they've have already contacted you which they should have by now.

    The PWRR got in touch a week after my initial interview and said to contact them when i had achieved a Cat 1 at briefing.
    The RMP sent me a list of dates all after my Briefing
    And the Fusiliers asked me to come down in April

    So they're all different.
  6. I was told I'd be going to the RMP before briefing-as it stands I'm going in early August.
  7. Nice one, yea I was offered May, July and Aug. May got full up really quick.
  8. All

    In general. There are always those who have relationships within the army ( brother, uncle, aunt these days I suppose) who can fix up visits for their intimates. And for all I know "confirmed cadetships". For the rest, it's down to you. Generate Brass Necks and ring, call, write to whoever you like and get your visits in. As many as suits you. " There's nowt for t'dumb " a training bombardier advised me once. Just remember. When, / If, you get to "The Factory" you'll be provided with the least possible opportunity to visit units.

    Pay heed, and get it done, off your own bat if necessary, before ever you tip up there.

    Old Rat
  9. Also remember that FAM visits and POCs are different.

    For example I'm confirmed on a FAM visit to see the Paras this August but I'm not even doing briefing until next month so they have no idea how I'll do. However I can't do a POC with them until I get a CAT 1 or 2 at briefing.

    My ACA is sending me to see the Rifles and Welsh Guards as well but they won't confirm dates until after briefing. Same with the Artillery which is my non-infantry back-up choice (not that I'd be against joining them it's just not my first choice)

    So, some regs will obviously look at you or agree to look at you even without a briefing score but I think the majority don't...or at least that's what my ACA says and also what I can see based on regiments and people I've spoken to.

    Just see as many as possible. I'm told that if you haven't been on at least 3 or maybe 4 before you go to RMAS you've done yourself a bit of a disservice. I'm told you really need to get at least one done before main board to prove that you're serious as well...

    Good luck mate.