Fam Visits

I am simply looking for a general number. How many visits have pepole been on before going to the main board? I keeping hearing the phrase "see as much of the army as possible". This however seems a touch difficult, when my adivsor only allows three per candidate. Any suggestions?
I did two, plus an attachment (I think these are still available for University Bursars). One to Int Corps and one to LI. I ended up joining the RAMC!

Seeing as much of the Army as possible is good advice, but you won't see it on a fam visit. These tend to be stood up to show POs the best possible side of the Corps or Regiment in question.

You'd do better to join the OTC or TA, where you'll get to meet plenty of people from different Corps and Regiments through the various exercises and activities. Also, you're not bound by your choice at RMAS and there are many more opportunities to see different sides of the Army there.

Why only 3. If I were you I would ask how you are supposed to make a decision on only 3. Understandable if you wanted to visit every Infantry Regt, but I visited at least 5.
3 is the limit at sandhurst, Hadn't heard anything about that from the AFCOs, if you find you want to see more just ring up the regimental/corps recruiting team/home headquarters directly and they're nearly always happy to sort you out. Its also worth getting a cap badge to sponsor you to Sandhurst as in a worst case scenario they are more or less obliged to offer you a commission if you fail to pass the regimental selection boards in the 3rd term. Namely I did 2 visits before Sandhurst I wish I'd done more especially the Air Corps one.