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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Rugbyman, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi, i am going to 2 fam visits, one with the royal artillery and the other with the royal irish regiment. Can anyone give me any feedback on them and what to expect at my visit?? Thanks
  2. Hello Rugbyman,

    I have no info on R Irish fam visits or RA fam visits, I'm just wondering that if you are going on the R Irish fam visit do you need to have passed you AOSB, same question with the RA fam visit?


  3. The Fam Visit with the Royal Artillery will depend on how long it is, I did a single day one which consisted of a session in the gym, small talk from each visitor followed by a practice on the javelin (??) air defence system, all topped off with a interview and mess lunch.
    As for the Royal Irish Regiment visit again is it one day or more? If only a day it'll probably be an interview mess lunch then conclusion and advice and a note about sponsorship for RCB.

    Hope this helps

  4. A bit of phys, an interview and a couple of almighty pissups. Fam visits are more about whether or not you fit in rather than your ability. That gets dealt with at RCB and RMAS.
  5. Brocky is spot on. Having been involved in the business recently, it's all about the "is he/she going to "fit in"" - and I don't mean socially. Rightly or wrongly that also includes the mess; I was surprised how many POs somehow imagined they were not being "quietly" looked at when they thought they were off duty... It's a two way process: you looking at them and them looking at you.
  6. While you are being watched in the Mess, don't get too hung up about it. It does take a pretty serious faux pas to mess up here, so try not to nick silver, cop off with the staff, fall asleep in the corner or hurl and you should be OK.

    On my fam visit to Larkhill we were encouraged in some pretty violent mess games by some very senior Officers. The Subbies got their revenge at PT the next morning, though. However ask yourself the question, "is it likely that, having had an night on the hoy with the Subbies, an official part of the programme is to be woken to do Phys at 0400 (about an hour after being allowed to crawl into bed) by self same & still p*ssed Subbies?"

    Whatever you do don't do what two jokers did on the dinner night at my RCB, viz micturate into pint pots under the table and leave said pint pots next to your place setting & name card for the Mess staff to clear up!
  7. Haha, what were the violent mess games you speak of?
  8. Ever tried the tunnel game (no, M_D_N & Flashy, I don't want to play trains & tunnels with you...)?

    Take an even numbers of chairs, easy, mess, 1970's curtain material covered.

    Remove cushions and place chairs so leading edges touch floor and tops of backs are touching and pile cusions on top. This will form a tunnel.

    Take group of hefty subalterns and senior Officers and get them to sit atop the tunnel so it cannot be lifted from below.

    Take two teams of potential Officers and invite each team to fight their way through the tunnel from opposing ends. First callsign complete through the tunnel wins.

    Note this is best played with a large number of potential Officers, female, willing, UOTC in frocks, cocktail, taffeta, quick release as all manner of mischief can take place in the dark recesses of the tunnel, up to and possibly including impregnation.

    Note, however, that if female potential Officers are involved the Subalterns and senior Officers will insist on being in the tunnel teams and inevitably the members of the fair sex will disappear to the mess annex with the Subalterns later, leaving the spotty and not-long post-pubescent male potential Officers doubled up with unfulfilled lust and even more raging than usual hormones.

    I know, I was that male potential Officer!
  9. Fantastic! \

    My favourite visit included quaffing god knows how much guinness/champs from a huge pot. Playing chicken with lynx cans in the fire, mess polo, and the regimental table sliding championships replete with bashing polo mallets, lines of chanting subbies and a now broken silver drum...that was the regimental guidon.

    I didn't vom, but after some antics the other week I now know that guinness and champagne make me do bad things. Hope I did'nt upset the apple cart too much!

  10. When are you going to the R IRISH for a fam visit. Let me know and i'll PM you some details.

  11. No you don't have to have passed AOSB.
  12. Don't be a tw@ like the bloke on one I went on to the Black Watch, who chundered into an absent officer's sink, in the room he was allotted. Unluckily he was too pissed to see that there was a sheet of glass atop of said sink, with numerous personal articles of the officer's stashed around it. Result was that no one, least of all the subbies who had encouraged the drinking, was very impressed by the bloke, who had ranted on at how hardcore he was. I bet the officer wasn't too happy when he got back either. Moral of the story is keep up with the pace set, as this is one area that can show an ability to fit in, but before you do, be sure you will be able to keep up!
  13. Mistaking a machine in the drying room for a lavatory & chundering in it is a bad thing. Then mistaking this machine, a full tumble dryer, for a washing machine and trying to rectify the chunder by chucking in a ton of dhobi dust and setting for an all night hot dry is even worse.

    The effect of baked on washing powder and red wine/port/marmite potato sick on kit which would now fit an action man is unpleasant to say the least.

    I know - I was not that potential officer, but I was in the mess when it happened.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    All the above should indicate to potential officers that allowing yourself to get sh1t-faced during familiarisation visits is probably a bad idea.

    Thinking back to fam visits I have known, a few object lessons spring to mind:

    i. OTC OCdt interested in joining REME staying in a Bde HQ Mess whilst on fam visit to Fd Wkshp: gets p1ssed and manages to p1ss-off an RM Captain on Bde staff by 'coming on' to his girlfriend. Fight starts, OCdt gets severely panned in.

    ii. Very attractive female PO visiting a training establishment decides to shag her escorting officer. She has a long and successful career in her chosen corps.

    iii. Male Army Bursar goes for summer attachment with his regiment, fails to turn up for work on time one morning, gets b0llocked by Adjutant and bursts into tears in Adjutant's office.

    From which we should draw the conclusion that...