Fam Visits

I'm a scholar, 18 years old and just put down my first two choices as RRF and PWRR electronically and have been told that they will both contact me within two weeks to organise visits.
Skimmed through a few old posts but not really had my question answered.
What will I be doing for a week away with these regiments and will there be formal interviews etc?



Each regiment does it differently. It is quite likely that you will be 'paired' with a junior officer for part of it, but I should imagine you will also get an interview with someone like the Regimental Secretary - or even the Colonel Commandant - but the whole point is that it is a mutual 'getting to know you' opportunity. My advice is to get stuck in to all the activities they organise for you, ask plenty of questions and try to get a feel for the atmosphere of the units you visit.

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