Fam visits

Does anyone know fi it's possible to visit a regiment of corps once you've already started at Sandhurst (i.e. before choice of arms)? I'm concerned I wont get to go on a fam visit before I start and that this will damage my application to a regiment when the time comes.
Not sure as I haven't gotten to Sandhurst yet, but from what I have read and been told, I doubt it, as you won't have any free time as it is and when you do get free time i suspect you will be catching up on sleep
You'll always have your holiday (3 weeks if you're starting in May,2 otherwise) before the RSB in term two. Obviously I'm sure regiments would prefer you to have been interested for longer, but it isn't always possible.

Disclaimer: don't start RMAS myself until September, but had it implied to me that this was possible if a visit couldn't be arranged before.

I realise I now have the most recent post in 3 threads on this forum and will endeavour to get out a little more.
At RMAS there are two periods set aside for regimental visits, one in junior term around week seven and another towards the beginning of inters. However you are not guaranteed to get on the visit you want as sometimes space or operational commitments prevent it you are much better off going on visits before you get to the factory.

Rusty, out of curiosity, are the periods set aside for visits taken out of term time? I.e. are they just done over a long weekend or are the effectively a break from the routine to go off on visits?

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