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Hi all,

I recently passed my main board and am off to RMAS in May, I would ask my ACA this question but she's been shown to be useless (she told me I should that I should not go on Fam visits until I'd passed Main Board, and having now been there I know that this is absolutely not the case) so my question is thus:

I'm set on joining an Infantry regiment, particularly those with a light role slant, and am wondering whether I'm free to go on any visits I like to regiments of that ilk, so I can make an informed decision about my future, or whether these visits are limited? I certainly wouldn't want anyone thinking I'm wasting people's time by trying to go on as many as possible, but equally I wouldn't want to make a commitment having limited my view. I don't have a military background, I wasn't in the UOTC and none of my family of served, so feel that getting about on visits would be particularly useful.

Any advice or info would be very much appreciated,


You can go on as many visits as will take you.

I've been on 4 so far, with more to come.


NewbishDelight - how do you organise these visits?
In line with your other post, get an interview with your nearest officer recruiting officer (usually a different person to those who deal with the soldier recruiting). If you make it past their filter, you will get booked into the selection process (AOSB Briefing), and can put you in touch with regiments of interest, who will arrange visits on their terms. The system is actually very efficient in my experience.

That said, for my favoured regiment, I wrote to the Regimental Adjutant directly to arrange visits. Doesn't hurt to get one's name known (if it's known for good reasons, of course).
NewbishDelight - how do you organise these visits?
What Snorea said.

Also, for several of mine I telephoned the regiments and asked to speak to whoever runs their officer recruiting.
I've had a fam visit to the RLC prior to briefing and have another FAM visit with the RMP just before main board in late January.

My ACA won't arrange any more, so contacting a regiment directly seems best (look keen). I'm sure they'll be more willing, as in your case, to arrange more after passing MB. Though it is strange you weren't offered any FAM visits before briefing, thought this was a requisite in terms of gaining sponsorship??

If all goes well I'll be in the May intake, so might see you there. All the best!
When accepting sponsorship from a regiment or corps it shows that you are very interested in them and their file on you gets a little bit thicker with another tick in the right box.

Just be wary of accepting sponsorship early on in the process though - should you ever change your mind and attempt to organise an attachment with another regiment you will be unable to do so. That's not to say you can't still attend other fam visits - just that attachments are a way for you to experience the job role first hand and put in a good show, again for their file on you. Everything the regiments experience of you individually will count towards your interview at Regimental Selection Board.
I'm looking forward to a Fam visit with the RMP in January, a week or so before MB. Interested in what to expect and if anyone here is heading there etc... Doubting the coppers will be quite as 'core' in the evenings as the RLC at Deepcut. (?)

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