Fam visits help


This is my first post, but i've been viewing this forum and I can see it is an invaluble source for help and advice.

I've passed my AOSB breifing with a CAT 1 and am now on my way to taking the main board. Problem is, I want to get some visits lined up. I am already booked in to visit the East Anglian regiment but I also want to visit the Royal Artillery and the Royal Inteligence corps. The REME would be great aswell, but after some digging, I'm yet to find any contact details so that I can try and get scheduled in for a visit. Does anyone know where I can find contact details for any of these regiments? A point in the right direction would be fantastic.

Thanks for that, can't belive I missed that! I've also just found the contact details for the Royal Artillery so that one will no longer be needed. Any more would be fantastic. Thanks
With regards to the Int Corps you will have to talk to your current sponsor ACA and ask them to put you forward for it. And just for your information it is the Royal Anglian Regiment, not East Anglian, they may get a bit miffed if you call it that. I currently have sponsorship and Captain Garside is a top guy!

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