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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Dukie, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. A friend of mine wants to join the signals and is going on a PO Fam Visit in Febuary and wants to know what goes on, he doesn't really have a clue and i can't help having not gone into the Signals anyone know:
    a. What happens?
    b. If there is any P.T?
    c. Any other info.

    Please no p!ss takes he is genuinly stuck and doesn't have access to the net!

  2. This is a wind up right ??

    If anyone is thinking of joining the army and has to ask if there is any PT, then the RAF would be a better choice.
  3. Her Majesties Royal Navy also recruits that type of dynamic go-getter! :lol:
  4. RABC, need to read his post properly! If it's what I think it is the University PO's going round doing "shopping" visits for various Corps, Regt's etc. Some of them are really not overly clued up about the Army. Had one of the girlies puking her ring in the back of my 436 on one of the PO visits :lol:

    Dukie, are you on about the 2-3 day PO visit to Blandford? PM me. I did one of the stands some years back so have an idea but not the full up to date gen. I do recall seeing them gathered around the assualt course area with coveralls and helmets though :wink:
  5. OK - I have no idea what a PO Fam visit is anyway ( I have been out 10 years now), but SURELY anyone considering this could reasonably expect to be prepared physcally.

    My son is doing his Physical slection this week and has been working out for a year (I dont half envy his six-pack) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. RABC, Absolutely agree with your point but the Fam visit is something that should occur pretty early on in a PO's progress into the Corps. Perhaps the person hasn't fully kicked into a training program as they may have 2-3 years before they can/will go for RCB etc. They're probably told it's all presentations and they're trying to get a bit more info.

    Mind you, if they are going on the late Feb fam then perhaps they're leaving it a wee bit late?
  7. Point taken
  8. The FAM visit is a day and a half down at Blandford hosted by SORLS and as their guest in the officer's mess. Your friend will sit through a variety of presentations on the commissioning process and more specifically on what the signals do. There will be some equipment presentations, command tasks, a short PT session (log run, pressups, etc) and some time for you to ask questions. The first night he/she will undergo an interview with a member of the staff and from this and their proformance during the tasks then SORLS will decide whether or not to offer sponsorship to him/her.

    Sponsorship is basically creating a point of contact and information between the recruiting staff and the PO in an attempt to guide them through the process of comissioning (e.g. RCB(b), RCB, RMAS, etc). Once you have completed the RCB you can also be sent on a 2 week placement attached to a troop commander in a regular signals regiment.

    Hope this helps,