FAM visit to the Parachute Regiment.

Morning all,

I just got booked onto a fam visit for the Paras which is my first choice of regiment.

Has anyone done a fam visit down there and could give me a bit of an idea of what goes on? Likewise if anyone's in the regiment and is involved in running the visits I'm sure you'll have some useful info.

I mean I assume we do our first halo jumps shortly after getting off the train and they just give you a maroon beret there and then but if someone could give me an idea of the other stuff that goes on that'd be great...

Any help is very much appreciated.

Cheers folks.
Dont be silly. Yes you get given a Maroon lid but Parachute training has been canned.

You'll get put in front of a big poster showing all the forces cap badges, This is the hard bit, You'll have to memorise the different cap badges and answer "Hat" "******* Hat" and "Hat ****" depending on which cap badges you are shown in your test.

Best of luck.

Then I just need to work out which pair of my Dad's dessies to borrow and to which side I should have my nose flattened to before I get down there and I'll be set.

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