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Discussion in 'Officers' started by tommy_jock_jingles, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Yello all.

    I'm a commonwealth chap and have been booked on to a fam visit with the local infantry regiment by my ACAO. The idea is to get sponsored by the regiment than otherwise. What I don't get is, and I admit that its getting my spleen is that what if at sandybags the regiment decides to back out and I pass out of sandy without a sponsor. Would I be an RMA grad without anywhere to go to? bytheway, if it comes to ADC or Signals...I'm killing myself.
  2. You need to have a sponsor to get you to RMAS - it is more of an administrative matter than a commitment for you, but you should still consider who sponsors you. You will have opportunities, largely in your first term, but also through the second, to visit different regiments and corps - make every effort to see as much as possible, as it educates you about the wider Army as well as helping you make your decision.

    By the third term, you should have chosen two capbadges - both of which will interview you. All along the process, your platoon commander should advise you as to how realistic your choices are - as will the representatives of the various capbadges in which you are interested. Listen to them and choose carefully. Ideally, you will have two interviews, get offers from one or both and off you go. If you do not get offers from either, you and your platoon commander will seek interviews from other capbadges that have spaces left. If you had not chosen your sponsoring regiment as one of your two final choices, then they will probably be approached (hence why you need to consider who sponsors you with some care); although there is no obligation for you to stay with your sponsor throughout RMAS, there IS some obligation for them to look after you - and to consider accepting you if your selection goes pear-shaped.

    Ultimately, you will not graduate from RMAS without a capbadge to go to - simply because you cannot graduate independently. Problems with assigning cadets to capbadge happen every term, and thus the staff are well versed in sorting it out. Trsut them, but make sure you carefully consider your options at every stage; being a Commonwealth candidate, you may find some choices are closed to you - just keep on asking questions to find out what suits you.

    Good luck.

    Any currently serving RMAS staff out there able to give the updated policy?
  3. Thanks balls. Though a post-grad in IR and Intel, I'm all for Combat and none of the support regiments. I do know that ops and intel is closed to me, which is fine and dandy by me. I'm not sure as to the rather high browed RAC chappies taking in a commonwealth chap. (no acred estates with free range flamingoes/no middle names/no private income of anysort)

    Is the AAC open for mucking about in though? (Near perfect eyesight/good maths/ notch one reflexes for the record/22 years old)

    Also, any of you preparing for the briefing in Edinburgh? Mine's in March.

    Thanks again!
  4. This is true but if you don't have regimental sponsorship then it is possible for your Army careers advisor to sponsor you, so you could effectively go without a sponsor.

    As for the AAC then they are only an email or telephone call away, contact them yourself and ask if they accept commies.

  5. There were loads of people on my board who hadn't had a sponsor other than their ACO or been on visits. There was a guy on PCCBC who hadn't been on any visits. It's no dramas. Obviously, it looks better if you've done some visits before main board (motivation etc.) but most go to briefing without any visits.


    The AAC don't sponsor you through main board. You'll do a visit and then if they are keen they invite you to do grading once you have passed main board.
  6. If you contact the AAC, they should be able to organise a visit to Cramwell for the Medical and Aptitude tests (unless for course you have already done it). Get things going on that side is your serious about AAC, I went in July, only just got the results back last month - mainly due to a murmur they found. But I'm sure they don't take that long in general.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If you're any good, you will have no difficulty finding a sponsor - before RMAS or when you're there - and access to vast family estates/fortunes/titles is immaterial in this day and age, as has been explained here ad nauseam. Your army careers office can sponsor you to AOSB and Sandhurst if necessary, after which it's up to you to impress the regiment or arm you want to join.

    Incidentally, it's a bad idea to knock any potential sponsor at this stage. The Royal Signals and AGC both harbour some pretty impressive people and, even if you think that they aren't for you, p1ssing them off is not a good way to start. The next GOC 3 (UK) Div originally intended to join the RAEC (aka AGC (ETS)) before coming over to the light side. My advice is to have a good look around before you start burning any bridges.
  8. I'll second what cpunk said. It's "Army, Be The Best", not "Army, Some of Us Are the Best". If you're going to limit your options, make sure people know it's because of your innate disposition towards certain jobs, not because of your disrespect for the corps that keep this army running.