FAM visit KRH and 2RTR

Discussion in 'RAC' started by dirk_digler, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know about or has been on a FAM visit to these regiments? Am really interested in the RAC as father was gunnery instructor in Household Cavalry. Any info would be much apreciated.
  2. Stop messing about and join the Sappers, else 2 RTR are a good bunch.
  3. well it is between 2RTR and KRH..if either will have me!
  4. Speak to your ACA, there's an overall visit to the RAC which puts you in a good overall picture of the Corps first.

    Can't speak about the KRH, but the RTR visit was fantastic. Also check the Regular Officer Recruiting forum, im sure there's a whole world of FAM visit reviews in there.

  5. cheers pasty. Have spoken to my ACA and he says he is not too familiar with how the event is run but understands it to be one of the better events, along with Royal Signals who by all accounts have a great FAM visit at Blandford
  6. also, are youa Kerno lad?
  7. My advice to you is (and have already posted as such) do an Armd Regiment (or 2 if you wish), do your local infantry regiment (get it out of your system now) and 2 Corps RE or RSigs. I dont recommend doing more than 4 FAM visits. So cancel out an Armd Regt or Corps- your choice.

    Remember it doesn't make a blind bit of difference who you choose until week 22 at RMAS, then it does!
  8. Absolutely. Thanks for the advice. Only I have been told to select 3 chosen regiments on preference and wanted some information to justify those choices
  9. Go KRH. It was Flashman's Regiment. Enough said.

    The Chav Cav (RTR) can be a bit chippy as they are the only non-cavalry regt in the RAC. Also I believe they do a lot of CBRN stuff and that is just perverted (i could be wrong). Got a mate who went into the RTR, he regretted it...he wishes he went HCR or other line cav regt.

    Look into QRL...purely because they have a cool capbadge (they call it a motto). A friend of mine's brother had a ball with them.

    If you want want MBT look at KRH. If you want armoured recce looke at HCR or QRL.

    Also you need to look at where the regiments are based. QRL is based in Catterick (i think) North Yorkshire...grim. HCR based in Windsor (i think). KRH based in Tidworth (i think).

    So, what role within the RAC do you want and where do you want to live...and do you play polo?
  10. I live in Cornwall at present; father was Household Cavalry so wouldn't want to follow that route.
    MBT really interests me but from what I have been reading on here and elsewhere KRH and 2RTR have both recce and MBT capability whilst 1RTR are CBRN (I could well be wrong and wouldnot want to tell anyone how to suckeggs!)

    I think you are correct about location of regiments, both 2RTR and KRH are at Tidworth.

    I'm not a public school boy, not a graduate and I do not play polo, does that mean I will not get on socially witht he cavalry regiments?

    I know my choices are not set in stone but I would rather make an informed decision than say..
    "Challenger2 is F***ing Hoofing, I want to play with those!!"

    As for Flashman, my dad toldme about him, still waiting for it to arrive in the post!
  11. Nope, rather outdated ideas their. Best Officer i had was a Council house Lad, who worked damned hard to get where he was.
  12. Of course, as you will guess from my User ID, I am a bit biased but would only say that Blandford's Fam Visit is well worth a shot. From a less subjective viewpoint and echoing the view of Pantsoff, don't limit your visits to combat arms, take a look at combat support and even conbat service support just to get a wider perspective on a decision that will have far reaching consequences. You might even find that you are pleasantly surprised by what you find....
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    You seem to know a lot about this. I think ........... not
  14. It would seem to me Elovabloke that there's a fair amount of Horshit being spread here, notice Horshit not Bullshit, mind you it wouldn't realy matter would it, they both belong to the Cavalry. And thats from an old bullshitter, that saw the error of his ways!!!!
    On another matter completely, If there are any EX RAC {1960's onward} listening in, that would like a replica of their favourite battle wagon, be recreated at 1/35th scale contact me. Am putting up a couple of past commisions for all to see.
  15. Black denims V Cherry trousers. Sartorially speaking, no contest.Good luck,whatever your choice.'High reverse,driver!'