falsifying claims ?

So then,

Does anyone have any idea of the fine / punishment for an individual caught falsifying claims; say 150 quid every month for say 6 to 8 months?

Say they might be in their last few years and a SGT?

And working away from the unit?

And creating false hotel bills on their work computer?

Hypothetical of course. :D
A free stay at MCTC could be in order - if said individual is found out of course!

Edited to add - and all "indiscretions" are usually found out on the various inspections that take place!


Hypothetically, I would advise said SNCO to immediately pay back all monies in dispute and hope that the court martial looks favourably on this.
why has it not been detected sooner...piss poor admin from his parent unit i would say !!


You would have to look at it in a few ways. Firstly, is there any cash transactions being made? Secondly, is the person aware that he/she may not be entitled to a claim? Is it from the same person all the time? 8O

Or is this just a blatant scam with best buddie working with cash? Why hasn't the auditor picked up on it? :(

Too many if's and but's, however someone in authority should be notified.

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