****** falsely claiming benefits and legal aid.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by sgnsty, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. My partner and I are currently involved in a civil dispute with her ex with regards to joint debt they built up that he is now refusing to help pay.

    Basically he is claiming he can't pay it due to unemployment but they attended mediation during the split and it was agreed that even if he is unemployed he can still pay a moderate sum, I think it was 10 pounds a fortnight towards it. In the last year my partner has received five pounds in total. When she has confronted him he has claimed he is 'sorting it out' and then nothing has happened.

    We are now in the middle of a legal dispute over this and other matters. The part that really gets me is that we have been honest about our earnings and so are paying for our legal fees privately. He is however claiming legal aid despite living full time with his new partner who has a 30 grand a year job and we also know he is working and has been doing so for some time because the company he is working for accidentally called our flat to get in touch with him because he hadn't updated his number in 3 years. He is also claiming job seekers allowance of course... Obviously we have shopped him as a benefits cheat but that was months ago and so far nothing. Is there a way to report him for fraudulently claiming legal aid? Who would we call, his solicitor or ours?
  2. I got no specialist knowledge in this matey, But if I was in your situation I would not hesitate to shop the bastard.

    I reckon your solicitor would be the one to inform though....good luck.
  3. If you have a solicitor then best leave it to him/her.

    But if you had no solicitor you could consider claiming he owed you money from the repayment arrangements. County Court him and then try nailing him on the signed statement of means he has to make to the court.

    In the meantime write a disingenuous letter to wheover he works for on side informing them you are issuing county court process and it would be helpful to receive their tax office details as at some point you envisage seeking an attachment of earnings order.

    But I would say leave the issue to the solicitor. If you eventually come to the realisation that the Courts are not there to get your money back and their onlyb use is to act as a vehicle to jerk the other party around, kill their ability to get credit and consign them to the dole if you can. That would be what BB calls a result.

    And of course by involving in a lot of otherwise pointless legal activity it makes good defence fodder if the other party is ever in receipt of a severe kicking and OB gets the idea of checking on whoever has a motive.

    But maybe Arrse is not the best place for seeking conflict resolution advice.

    Anyways best of luck.
  4. By the way my mate is just dobbing a ****** in for benefits fraud (using the anon internet dob line). On th online form is a question about names and aliases. My mate said their onliune form is a gift, he just wrote in "Other names known by" the following:

    "Well I have heard him referred to as a fat ****** if that is helpful".

    Entering fully into not just the letter of reporting the benefits fiddler but also the spirit of it.
  5. I would say get in touch with benefits and fcuk him over - But they will need some sort of timings. E.g. they will take it seriously, but you need to be able to give them enough information for them to at least be able to follow him or catch him working. That's normally the golden rule. If he leaves the house everyday at 07.15 and gets in his mates red car and heads to a site or workshop, then that's a fairly simple one. However, I do know that councils are really clamping down on fraud, know of one guy who they just suspended his benefits because somebody rang up to say he was working, which we think he was. but it wasn't us that time! I would say pass the number of the company he works for to them as well, they will probably ring to enquire and as soon as they say he's been working for them - Snap. But depends what he is claiming, usually once you start working and pay NI, the jobcentre find out and automatically stop Job seekers allowance etc. Give yourself a time limit - Say Feb, gather everything you know (remember does she have kids? Tax credits would be interested to find out she has a new partner) and then pass all of the information on to relelvant agencies- benefit fraud, Inland revenue etc. They may even offer to meet you in a public location if there is a lot of information you have gained. Good luck and fcuk the cnut. I pay my taxes!
  6. Tell you what would make me giggle there, Mr Angry....if he got away with it and you lost the case.
  7. Really? Whys that?
  8. Before we emigrated a couple of irish navvies in Woking decided it would be great fun to customise some parked cars with the help of a couple of baseball bats, one of which was mine!!, the police caught them and they were charged I was awarded 3,500 pounds damages plus court costs, said navvies pleading poverty and unemployment,were sentenced to pay off the debts at 10 pounds a month, they paid the first month and then nothing after 6 months I took matters into my own hands, I traced 1 of them working near camberley on a building site, gave him a slap , showed his employer my paper work from court and got his home address ,followed him to his next job and slapped him again, I made it clear pay up or book a place in hospital or somewhere more earthier, he reported me to the police for demanding money with menaces, the police could not have been very sympathetic, because 14 days later the irish gentleman paid up in full,