False Health Visitor Alert

A disturbing piece of news from Tidworth. and it scares the living daylights out of me.

Earlier this afternoon, I was informed that there is a Police search in Tidworth for a man who has knocked on a womans door claiming to be the new health visitor and that he was here to see her children. The woman who answered told him their Health Visitor is female, and refused to let him in. She then phoned her usual health visitor to check, and was told her there is no male health visitor.

The police have been informed are were searching the area, even using the Helicopter apparently (which is in the air as now)

I have no idea how true this story is, anyone else have any info?
I don't know about this particular case. But this happened to my sister with my eldest niece. They gave my sister an unsolicited visit, my sister was suprised, asked for ID, to which they gave. A middle aged white man and a woman, they changed the nappy of my niece and asked whether she was breast fed or not. They left.

When the actual health visiter came, she was a big african lady. So my sister became suspicious and confused. She phone the clinic, and they said that this lady was the actual health visitor.

The police were informed, they reckon the ID was fake or not correct, expired etc. They were a couple as in Husband and Wife. They didn't do anything a) because she was a girl b) because she was breast fed or/and c) because my sister lingers and is protective.

I think these sick fcuks should be killed.
To be fair, any parent should know their health visitor by name and on sight, I know all three in my area and I'm the father, my wife knows them better than I and would give any bloke trying it on a swift knee in the knackers.
It has happened in the past in different areas of the country. If any one knocks at your door asking to see your child or asking questions regarding your child, simply close the door and ring your health centre immediately, they will gladly confirm if this is a geuine health worker or not, even if the visitor appears genuine
I smell a FOAF (Friend of a Friend) tale/Urban Myth. The Bogus Social Worker/Midwife/Health Visitor one does the rounds every few years. There are cases where people pose as officials to commit robbery, but usually it doesn't involve children. See here-



Here's a discussion of the phantom or bogus social worker story (you need to scroll down a bit)-


Anyone think that there's a connection between this story resurfacing and the recent sex offenders in schools story?
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