False flag operation - USS Liberty

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by radioIlluminati.com, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. No-one gives a shite you boring little cunt.

    Unless you're a bird, in which case get your minge out for us and nothing more may be said.
  2. I heard that the Liberty was actually commanded by Rudolph Hess thats why the Israelis attacked it.
  3. I heard that it was actually loaded with the 'six million' that was supposed to stay away from earth but had been beamed back as they missed their chicken soup.

    As you can imagine this would have caused havoc with the state of Israel's much enjoyed sympathies that she receives from the world at large and therefore the ship had to be disappeared.
  4. Do you think it is ok to be ordered into a situation where friendly troops using the "enemy" flag and kill you, so UK can claim it was the enemy that attacked first?
  5. Yes
  6. To die for nothing? Come on mate you can't be serious.
  7. Checks sign on the door, yip
  8. I'd go to war with my own mother for LSSA and a medal.
  9. Better than having to read your shite posts.....
  10. Yeah that makes about as much sense as the Soviets sabotaging the Challenger and the CIA causing the Chernobyl explosion. Or is it those evil lizard people pulling all the strings these days you odd little person?
    That said I've a vested interest as I've a couple of relatives in the masons who are no doubt part of the New World Order/Shadow Government. Shame one of them can't get planning permission for an observatory though, obviously their powers only go so far. :p
  11. They did it to drive Aluminium prices up, so it would be harder for people to get tinfoil hats to stop the agency beaming messages into their heads....
  12. It depends, really.

    Would we get to rape the enemy's women and children? And murder the occasional baby?

    If so, then yes.
  13. Give up. Your avatar links to one of those idiot conspiracy theory websites that makes Arrse look balanced by comparison.

    I think what's irking members of this forum is your conceit that you can ask questions about lawful orders (in the spirit of provocation, not genuine enquiry - that's apparent in your style of asking) without any inkling of how the Armed Forces are constructed to handle orders.

    The answer is a complex essay-length one which would probably surprise you. But you seem to be demonstrating rather a closed mind so it's not worth the effort.

    Arrse is unlike a lot of t'internet. Unsurprisingly it is tribal and scurrilous, but it is also genuinely at a high and enquiring academic level that means that the level you have chosen to come in at is basically beneath its dignity and people who take its membership at face value get minced. Like this chopper:


    Hope this helps you understand your mistake on this forum.
  14. Do we get wafers if we agree with you?