False Arses!

Umpteen thousand on surgery to get a fat arrse? Why didn't she just marry a squaddie?
So basically her heartvalves accidentilly got caulked shut because she had some quack put sillicone up her bum? And all because she wanted to be the trollop squirming in some hip-hop videao by a 'gangsta' and have Chavvies wank over her?
That's Social and Biological Darwinism in one go!
Unfortunately there are many, many Daft Young things who have bought into this nonsense. Fashion magazines, the Beauty Industry, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery have all got responsibilities for encouraging both young women (and men) to 'Hate their own bodies' because they don't have a backside like Jay-Lo, or mammaries like like the udder on a cow.

Certain people just seem to take on board peer pressure and all sorts of propaganda about what 'Beauty' should be. But then, stupidity comes in bucket loads with some folks.
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