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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Machristo, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. I was just perusing a certain website of a more adult persuasion and for one of many numerous reasons found myself in a section dealing solely with 'strap-on' sex. Now I have no aversion to observing as a doris straps 10-in of hardened latex on and then proceeds to pound it in and out of another doris, but when expecting to see this I suddenly found myself thinking, "hmm, she's got a bit of a hairy, spotty arse.... OH SH1T! AND A COFFEE TABLE*!!!"

    In hindsight I realise that the fact 'the shim' had a tongue like a komodo dragon should have given the game away.

    Now my question is, that given this was not classified as tranny, chicks-with-d1cks, gay, bi, etc. etc. can I now slam them with a lawsuit (americano style) citing psychological distress resulting from false classification/advertising? Advice from the ARRSE legal bods/perverts (you know who you are) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    * - Ref. 'Weeds' conversation- Andy (and Doug): "What do you call the thing between the d1ck and the asshole?" Lupita (the maid): "The coffee table.".
  2. Any links??? (for my tranny, chick-with-d1ck, gay, bi friend of my mates brother in laws dogs babysitters Dad..)
  3. Regrettably (?!?!?!?!?!?!) not. I immediately burnt the HDD that that particular bit of perusing took place on. Ok, replace last sentence with 'deleted history, autocomplete and all other trace devices, including cookies, upon closing the browser' for a more honest version of events. However I am reliably informed that such material can be found at www.myfreepaysite.com hidden in dark, secluded corners of 'Porn2go'.

    I'm further told that such material can be accessed with the login details below if you don't know anyone willing to let you use their account. Cause I'm sure you don't have such an account.

    USERNAME: arrse_smut@hotmail.co.uk
    PASSWORD: ftj2
  4. cheers mate
  5. np, just be careful.....
  6. Oh dear, that sounded traumatising, unfortunatly I don't think that you'd get anywhere trying to sue them, plus would really want to drag it through a court pretending to be a clean as a catholics bed sheets when you were blatantly trawling for porn?
    best just double click on 'delete' and pretend it never happened. :wink:
  7. I resent that. I was not 'trawling for porn', I was merely carrying out certain 'research'....
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Trawling for porn......

    Try this;

    www.adultdelux.net (or com)
    Downloado mucho porno movieso foro freeo.... :D
  9. Why didn't you say so Mr Townsend? I've got all your records...

    Actually that ought to be clean as a protestant's bed sheets to be technically exact. Us Catholics having no artificial retaining devices shoot it all over the place.
  10. I didn't do it. I was never a member of that forum. It was, erm, my mates!

    On the other front, don't you papists just chuck it up her and then pop down the benefits office to register another kid?