Fallujah contracter killings - deja vu?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by razorman, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. So storms of Fallujah were ineffective?
  2. For people considering getting out of the Military and joining in the big wide world of the Contractor, take a look at this stats site and it just may make you think again, a lot of decent guys working in Security teams have been killed...

    Iraq Contractor Casualties to date
  3. [​IMG]

  4. They don't like us. What if the yanks draw down without us?h
  5. at the end of the day in spite of whatever we do for them,the perception seems to be ,they don't like us and dont care how many of us die, as long as we leave in the end , when we do i reckon the whole house of cards will collapse.

    correct me if i am wrong. i hope
  6. Excellent site, RedMist.

    From a close firend of mine who has been working in the private security world, the problems seem to arise when you end up working with some "less-than-professional" teams. When you work with ex-British mil types, you know what training and skills they have, and each understands their own role. Some of the other nationalities seem to have a Maverick streak, are less than skilled in some areas and can be a hinderance rather than a help.

    I would recommend that anyone wishing to start in this line of work looks closely at the company they intend to work for, and (more importantly) who they will be working with.

  7. Thats what the big moneys for. To be honest if it bothers you I don't think you should even have been in the army. S**t happens.
  8. I hope we do pull out and soon. I couldn't give a toss about Iraq or any of its population. I don't give a shit how many of them or their kids die. A good civil war will sort the place out and the winner will be just as bad as the man currently standing trial. It's how these people live and it's what they are used to, so let them have it back.

    The longer we hang around the worse it appears to become.
  9. Bodies set on fire? So what's all that crap in the 'ghan about what a dreadful insult this sort of thing is?
  10. Misunderstood...
  11. Ghost, Absolutely spot on! it's not simply a case of get out join any Company and earn the big bucks...It is very relevant just who you join if you wish to continue your Professional approach you had gained through your military career and to be in teams of likewise guys you can trust and know what their skills are, a few Companies out there are full of people you wouldn't want to be within 100m of let alone part of their team as you are likely to get killed...and it's not only some 'other nationalities' you'd be surprised.
  12. Applause.