Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Nov 5, 2004.

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  1. Well, i think things are about to change.

    Since Dubya has had such a strong backing from his country, he now has the mandate to crush the insurgents in falluja. It would have been political suicide for him to start it before the election. No he can release the wrath of the USMC on to the rats nest of falluja. I just hope they take their time and minimise the civilian casualties or else it may well cause even more problems for the coalition.

    agent smith
  2. You could be right:
  3. They believe that they will go to paradise. They are not afraid to die for it. How can you call them ignorant? its what they believe, their religeon tells them one thing ours tells us another, there is going to be massive blood shed but the only people mourning their dead will be us.
  4. ok filbert,

    they may not be ignorant.... but they sure are deluded!!!!

    there aint gonna be no space for them in their paradise onse the USMC opens up its fury on them!!

    Hope its a long and bumpy road for them till they meet their makers (the insurgents obviously not eh USMC!)

    agent smith
  5. Foxy, there are some suicide attackers who are not the willing matyrs that they are always portrayed as, also it can be easy to persuade the susceptable to do things that they would not normally do.
  6. thats more like it.
  7. like QAs at the NAAFI bop?
  8. I dont want to sound negative or anything (just being real) but werent quite a lot of Marines killed the last time that they went stomping into Falluja to give em a dose of US fire power?
  9. Other than killing them - what is the alternative? Just how does one negotiate with a religious fanatic/mental defective?
  10. brain surgery ! it usually involves removing the head for examination but as the doc said "the operation was a success but the patient died" :wink:
  11. See you in the Hague Mr. Allawi. I don't remember you being elected by the Iraqi people.

    If you're so keen to sort Fallujah out, why don't you use Iraqis exclusively to do it then?

    All he needs to do now, is grow a moustache. Has he got a brace of sons? :evil: :evil:
  12. They also believe that for Jihad (struggle) to have any impact they must have as many witnesses to their 'suicide' as possible - meaing that altough they hate Americans it is not just about killing as many as possible - its creating an impact to make people sit up and take notice.

    This does not represent the whole of Islam, the Quaran can be interprested in many ways (hence extremist followings) and the more the West fights them - the more they think that they are right in the continuation of the struggle.
  13. excuse my bloody spelling - hangover
  14. We can level the place and kill everything living. That's not difficult. I wonder how we'll all feel in decades to come when terrorists murder civilians shouting "Remember Fallujah !" (the terrorists, not the civilians) Maybe there won't be quite as many smart-arrse comments about the affair then.

    Don't kid yourselves that these idiots are Ba'ath party holdouts, they're either AQ come to have a go on the live fire range with real American targets or locals who've seen too many people they know die. And after a while they'll all be AQ as the locals sign up to fight.

    Just killing terrorists is not a victory. Killing then faster than you create them is.