Falluja + shooting the wounded

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. Channel 5 showed some footage tonight of a marine deliberately shooting a wounded insurgent. We could not see the wounded man, or tell if he was still armed and dangerous, but footage like this can't be helping.
    I can't find a link at the moment, but it should be showing throughout the night.
  2. I would like to see a link, cause that sounds like pure horsesh*t to me.
  3. just cos your american? perhaps the guy looked he was going to try and take a marine with him?
  4. The clip has been shown on all channels throughout the day. But to put it in perspective, they had been coming under fire from this gunman it would appear for some time. They hit him (pos grenade) and he was in an area between two buildings about 2 foot gap. They would have had great difficulty getting to him. What it shows is the different commentary by different channels. Most just said, wounded gunman shot, but one (sky) put it another way, he had not surrendered and they did not know if he had hidden explosives or a bomb trigger. Lets play safe, as experience has shown that suicide by the enemy is a common tactic to take some with them.

    It is how you want to see it and not as simple as some would like.
  5. my point exactly....
  6. No, not because I'm American. We were all aiming at the same point. :wink:
  7. well what exactly smelled like horsepoo?

  8. It sounded like Speedy was accusing Marines of shooting wounded prisoners. If I took it wrong, sorry.
  9. nay bother
  10. I would shoot the fecker if there was just one ounce of doubt that his surrender would cause me or others injury.

    But then again, I´m not there and it is easy to talk shop..... Wish I was there and wish I wasn´t!

    Does that make sense?
  11. Corp, I would be also be surprised if these fine, brave and disciplined troops were to be guilty of such behaviour. But I expect you are also aware of the alleged "mercy-killing" case elsewhere in Iraq after a platoon opened fire on a refuse truck crew. I wouldnt be so quick to accuse Speedy after he reported what he saw on the TV, this gave the opportunity for someone else to clarify and hopefully reassure.

  12. Like I said, I took it the wrong way, and for that I apologize. I apologize to Speedy, Mrs. Speedy and all the little Speedies running around. I also apologize to Ma and Pa Speedy, Sister and Brother Speedy, Aunt and Uncle Speedy, Grandma and Grandpa Speedy , not to mention all the Cousin Speedies out there. I will sacrifice a lamb in honor of all Speedies everywhere tonight. I will also have Mrs. Corporal give me 50 lashes tonight as punishment.

    Am I forgiven now? :wink:
  13. NO!!!!
  14. OK, then

  15. There were accounts of terrorists displaying the white flag and when Marines moved closer they took fire from multiple sides. Frankly these terrorists are not covered under the Geneva Conventions. They do not follow the rules of war. I wouldnt bother taking prisoners if it meant jeapordizing the welfare of my troops.