Fallout 3

Buy this game now if you enjoy things like Oblivion, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republik or Bioshock.

1st/3rd person single player RGP and it is absoultely fantasic, great controls, excellent depth of gameplay, good graphics, good action, everything is just..........well very very good.

Worth the money.

*See online reviews if you really don't want to take impulse advice.
I "belive" if you have a cracked 360 both this and far cry 2 are available for "demo - ing"......

Not me, I have a PC, have just pre-ordered Far Cry2 for delivery on Friday, and can't wait to get Fallout 3.
I hated oblivion, but am really looking forward to fallout 3 (loved the first two.)

I just hope it has some character; my major gripe with Oblivion was how bland the whole thing felt. I never felt like a hero.

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