Fallout 3 mods and addons.

Just thought I would bring to your attention the multitude of free mods for the the PC version of fallout 3.Some of these mods totally transform the game in style,content and gameplay and others are just for looks,adding completely new weather systems and terrain.

As I know sod all about the technical side of what these mod teams are doing,I can only guess at the effort going in.....whatever the case the results are stunning in some cases that far exceed the original game in quality ( in what is already an exceptional game )

Fallout Mod Manager ( FOMM )


Fallout Script extender ( FOSE )

these are the building block addons...very simple to install in game ( hey..even I can do it ) and enable the more extensive mods to work.

I am using ones called FOOK2 and Real Time Settler ( RTS ) and FELLOUT.....FOOK basically adds a mahoosive amount of new weapons/armour/items/buildings and characters as well as Night Vision goggles and rebuilds the game to balance out all the new stuff.

Real time settler enables you to create your own city from nothing up to a fully walled and defended settlement with soldiers and markets/hospitals etc.

Fellout makes the game look damn pretty

The best site I have found for downloaded these seems to be Fallout3nexus, free to register for the big downloads.


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