Fallingbostel... Going back.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gore, Apr 5, 2004.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    I wonder if you can help me.
    I served in the REME as an Armourer at Fallingbostel between '89-'92.
    I am going to Germany towards the end of April and intend trying to visit my old unit which was 7 ARMD WKSP (now 2nd Bat REME).

    The proposed date is Monday 26th April '04. I do obviously have a warrant card from the Police in N.I. but as we all know this will not grant me entry into a British Army base in Germany.

    I am basically trying to find a sponsor who will vouch/look after me for one day so I can relive old times.

    If you can help or know anyone who can help me please get in touch.

  2. P.s. Does anyone know of a live website where I can get in touch with the Adjt of 2nd Bat REME?

  3. If it is an organised reunion, the unit (in this case, 2 Bn REME) will organise all that for you. :D

    However, to 'pop over' on a solo excursion, I recommend contacting either the RSM (who should be OIC Ex-members) and if not, he will point you the right way. You will clearly have no problem entering the country...we're all Europeans now!

    Accommodation and feeding might be a tricky one, but until you contact the Bn and ask, I can't be more help. Sorry.

    Hope it all works out, though :D

    With reference to hunting down the Adjt, try going to your local RMP det and asking them. They 'know' where everyone currently serving is, but as with any database system, it can produce errors. I would pm you with the direct access military operator number...but I suspect that would be a gross violation of board rules. Sorry (again!) :D

    Have you tried looking in that august publication - Soldier? It contains all manner of helpful info in the back?
  4. Cracking site 2 Bn, shame half of it doesn’t work and the forecast page is blank - typical REME!
  5. I agree.

    The e-mail address doesn't work either.
  6. Got sorted. Visiting Fally next week.

    Cheers guys.

  7. how did the visit to fally go. is it still there?
  8. It hadn't changed a bit ! Germany has. Wind generators everywhere.
    Amate of mine was still serving there, 15 years straight !!!!!
  9. Hi
    Did u share a room with a bloke called Barney!!
    If u did pse reply
  10. Hi it is you gord!!
    hows life on the outside!!
    this is barney we drove back to the uk on yer lancer remember.
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    c u
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