fallingbostel fiasco

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by pupgreen, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. following on from the edingbuger bash,, taboo and scotlass are doing a micheal palin and traveling a bit further for the next job...
    any arrsers fancy a night in sunny freezing fallingbostel-walsrode in----
    wait for it,,,,,, november..possible--9th or 10th-2007.
    names on a folded 100 euro note please to this call sign if you fancy a schwally in fally.possible start fally end in walsrode...not the pink house unless you want to...theres also the copper kettle and the boat station..cha chas,,, hours of unarmed combat and cqbr skills...pup.
  2. no takers ....
  3. Yeah I should be able to get there just live down the road. :)
  4. doesnt sound very inviting. Kettle then Cha Chas. Think of all the wifeys you have to avoid saying the wrong thing to. Better to start off in Walsrode and stay there. Go to Alexanders and around that area. Less danger of getting in the sh*t then.
  5. not a prob ,walsrodes better,, scwartz hermanns good tt,, as is drop stone for a laugh till the small hours,,,studios at a push,,...if were still walking...
  6. and if your desperate..pinkies,,,,
  7. Am i going to get into trouble with my son?

    He might not let me out :oops:
  8. i dont quite think you realise what pinkies is,,, its not a ladies pub,,,,
    thats the one for the guys only,,,,,,hence ,,if they are desperate....
    its normally called , the casanova club...and its painted pink,, hence the name...
    but dont worry there are enough other pubs to get you in trouble,,,,,
    he he he...and most stay open till 0500.... ooooooooooouch,
  9. I am up for the cocktail party like last time though no willy watchers or same result! 8)
  10. Strongly suggest that you avoid Fally; Scotland's Cav and the newest residents, 1 RRF, will have just got back from BATarrse and things could get lively! Not sure if it will end up Jocks v Fusiliers or Infantry (Fusiliers and Highlanders) v Scots DG!
  11. nothing new there then,,,-its only willy watchers coolcee biffs...
    think we can handle the normal crowd...
  12. the fally fiasco is cancelled.sorry..
  13. mini fally xmas crawl 7th dec..anyarrsers wishing to join in pm me for details timings ect so far 5 coming..
  14. this time its def a go situation..walsrode..on the 7th.dec.1900 hrs.
    restaurant if you wish first.
    then alaxanders
    black hermann
    if still standing studios...
  15. Last time I was out, it was everyone vs. Russians! Would love to go and all, dropstones is great, that midget chick there all the time is amazing, but I'm away from Fally right now until next year.