Falling short on UCAS points

I recently applied to become an officer and got rejected on the grounds of not having enough UCAS points, i fell short by 100 from the 180 required.

I have a 2.1 bsc with hon degree, and i am a fully qualified PRINCE2 project manager yet i have no a-levels.

Is it correct that a degree carries no UCAS points or is it possible that there could be a mistake on their behalf and they only took in to consideration my early academic history.


I would suspect that you have fallen victim to an automated response of some sort (computer or dim-witted drone). If you have an accredited degree from a UK university then common sense would suggest that you have acquired sufficient UCAS credibility to matriculate, even if you don't actually have A levels. Try in person rather than online.
Thanks for your response.

I went through the local recruitment office and spoke to a sgt who faxed my details through to the relevant people.

Would you suggest ringing the number on my rejection letter and requesting more information or going back to the recruitment office and asking them there?
I just attended the main board and there was a guy who had no A levels/Highers and was in the first year of a poorly ranked Uni, and he made it with condition of attending the Army education centre. You should speak to someone else about this.

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