Falling sheep...

Disappointing, it would have been much better if they'd been herded out the back of a C130 at 10,000 feet. Especially if there had been an aggressive collie chasing them all the way down.
Talking of falling things, yesterdays Telegraph obits mentioned one Lt Col Ernest Edlmann. Captured during the war and at one time incarcerated in Oflag V11C in Bavaria.
"The camp was full of Polish officers who hated the Germans so much that when they saw a group of them gathered in the courtyard of the castle they would launch themselves from the windows, four stories up and kill themselves by falling on them"
Commitment or what?
It's just that they aren't very good at perching :)

I can now see where Velcro gloves might come in handy...
Not really. They tend to keep you in the one position, whereas hanging onto the fleece allows more freedom of movement.

So Llech says.
Proper ram raiders...
Yer all baa king mad.

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