Falling Recruit Numbers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sheldrake, May 19, 2006.

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  1. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    I have been giving much thought to this particular issue, following the much publicised mergers, Rifles, Royal Jockanese Regt etc.

    I believe I have solved the problem and know where to squarely lay the blame...........

    The falling number of recruits is the fault of......................................PALITOY!

    When we were younger we were forever playing with Action Man, whether in his RM guise, Para, Blues & Royals or Life Guards, Foot Guards or even a real Nazi Camp Commandant baddie just like we used to see on TV (every Saturday night with chicken & chips in front of the television with the war film!). No wonder we couldn't wait to pull on the green (Substitute for colour of choice if you will) when we got older.

    So as we can see, it is clearly the fault of Palitoy for not making Action Men like they used to.

    I also believe that children today are not challenged in the way we were. Oh, how I remember walking up the Action Man aisle in Denton's in Witney, nonchalantly inspecting the vast array of Action Men and accoutrements and craftily tearing off the stars from the packaging as I went! 127 stars worth of free Action Man gear. I even got a free Scorpion! Ahh...those were the days. The young of today are just simply not challenged in the same formative manner.

    I have attached some photographs for reminiscence purposes, however there appears to be some filly on the end who I don't remember. Shelduckling senior assures me she is known as Slut Barbie BQMS. Have to take his word for it. Damn me, BQMS's didn't look like that in my day!

    House boy! House Boy! More ice! Now boy! Jindly!

    [​IMG]Action Men Pic
  2. double posted.............neat!
  3. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP


    Bit of a tawt really. Trying to work out the picture attachment thingy. Obviously don't have the appropriate Masters!
  4. Best Toy Gun

    Found this on Yahoo.

    As an award for bravery due to being eaten alive by midgies in Kinlochleven, I was bought the Airfix FN Rifle that fired REAL (plastic) bullets.

    Didn't solve the problem of the midgies but made an excellent study of the effect of plastic projectiles on skin.

    Shot my sister (repeatedly).
  5. Ah, takes me back to my mis-spent youth. What ever happened to Action man, eh? Halcyon days... Society has been totally diluted by all this politcal correctness and kids today don't know how to have fun. Air rifles, Chemistry sets, nunchaku, ker-plunk- all gone now!
  7. I had several of these as a kid, didn`t they make a Thompson as well?
    This is what happened to several Action Men Action Man Veterans :D
  8. They did make a Thompson with the straight mag which had the same bullets as the FN, which incidentally had a plastic bayonet! :wink:
  9. It didn't quite stand up to the enthusiasm I put into it.

    Great for stabbing round corners though.
  10. Before anybody posts it.

    I've never heard of a round corner either.
  11. Nooooo. It's just not right!

  12. Hm. Personally I think those cards are subversive...I mean, Love is clearly about to get slotted by Cupid, Peace's dove has just dumped onto the King's head, I don't even want to think about where Unity's elephant has stuck its trunk and Diversity is either a testament to the ancient practice of quartering or else influenced by pictures of court jesters.
  13. So how many recruits are falling?

    I don't think that's been discussed yet.
  14. Who cares, I had a thompson, all in black, silver bullets, detacheble magazin, a metal, black Luger which fired caps and a plastic fighting knife..... and a REAL tin hat!