"Falling Plates" - Which Regiment(s)?


Guys, we are having a discussion over on the 'Thread Banned' post regarding which Regiment (or Regiments) were known as the "Falling Plates". Firstly, it was not an insult but given in recognition of a number of high casualty tours in the Province. I remember it as the RGJ - simply because in the 70s they seemed to be permanently posted in Ulster - others have suggested the Green Howards, the Royal Anglians and even the A&SH.

All you Old and Bold - your thoughts / memories.
It was a particularly nasty cheap jibe. Sniggering about other Regt's cas is beyond contempt. For the record I believe it was the Green Howards, who lost a few blokes on an early BANNER tour. But I guess it could have been us (RGJ) too - or any other Bn that was mixing it with PIRA in West Belfast in the early 70s.

But it's as unfunny now as it was then.
Uncle was RGJ. Says they were referred to as the same.


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I recall it being the RGJ. I never knew, or heard, as to why?

I also recall my CSgt at RMAS (QoH) telling a Cadet to roll his sleeves down adding "....do you think you're in the Green Jackets?".

I joined in 1991, and came close to joining them, so did wonder why they came in for these referrals.
Bit more googling - there was reference to the GH being known by the same name in press coverage relating to Lord Dannatt and the incident which led to the award of his MC in 2006, and Stonker refers to them as such here (in the 10th paragraph of the post).


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I heard it was because they lost so many while on tour in NI. But seeing as they did so many tours here it was highly probable.
Well I still go for the Anglians options...simply because I was serving in the early seventies and that's what I remember! and not just quoting heresay.
mind you I can't remember what I had for dinner today.

Edited to add...I did see the term as a cheap shot tbh
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To be honest I've heard it used in reference to several regiments- my own included. But always by idiots whose own corps were never trusted to do anything too taxing and who thought that a good subject for comedy was better soldiers than they being killed by cowardly terrorist scum.


Before my time, but the "falling plates" nickname was earned by my battalion, 1 GREEN HOWARDS following the 1971 tour in Ardoyne. Five KIA and 100 other casualties on a 4 month tour.

I've heard RGJ called similar.
Green Howards, unfortunately for them, not RGJ...TBH it's a cnutish insult and worth a right hander to anyone who says it to another mob IMHO.

Was bimbling back from an RGJ Mess Do one night when the younger of two Cops, after asking what mob I was, said the dreaded term....He got grabbed and told his fecking fortune, the other Cop was also ex squaddie calmed the situation down and nothing more was said.

Simple bit of maths would compare tours/months in the province with KIA per Reg.


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Not a nice nickname but since I was in the LI, I can confirm it was the RGJ.

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