Falling Down - anyone had that sort of day recently

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are days from hell. Missus and I have to drop off kids and get into work in good time, and repeat the journey homewards. This requires military precision and every second counts, as missing the train by a few minutes can mean getting in half-an-hour late (and having to work late).

    Today I dropped off missus at the station in advance of dropping kids off and getting the train myself. The railway station is being upgraded for wheelchair access, which means the drop-off parking bays are u/s although the rarely-used disabled bays (lack of use perhaps related to the poor disabled access and the upgrade) are still there and unused. Staff car parking is similarly unaffected.

    I parked illegally at the station (as does everyone, taxi drivers included) and ran in to renew the season ticket, kids locked in car, after dropping off missus. I returned to the car and found some fcuker had blocked me in, a lorry delivering to the station shop. Fair enough he had limited options to unload, but he could not have missed my car. I went in and asked him to move (red mist building) but he said it would take 15 mins or so to unload.

    Red mist got worse, one of those "stop the planet I want to get off" moments - taxpayer with mortgage to pay, every waking moment either work or childcare, screwed around and milked for cash at every opportunity, yet another barrier in the way of the daily grind....etc. I considered enlisting the help of British Transport Police but quickly discarded this ides - more likely to get lifted myself on general jobsworth/illegal parking principles, fingerprinted, rectal probed and kids taken into care.

    However, there was a solution. The van was next to a barrier-seperated temporary pedestrian walkway. I humped all 10 plastic barriers (6ft long) to one side and was able to squeeze the car through - just - with hazard lights flashing to warn pedestrians to "get the fcuk out the way". I considered dumping all 10 barriers on the driver's loading ramp but decided generosity of spirit was more appropriate, and put them back.

    AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! That feels better!
  2. I had the luxury of a late start at work this morning.

    The nature of my work is such that whatever I leave the house with, I've got to lug it around all day. So, I look out of the window, gauge the weather and dress appropriately.

    This morning, the weather was fine, so I threw a shirt on with a T shirt underneath to keep the chill out or to sweat into, depending on how the weather changed. I had some other clothes on as well, I haven't yet fallen into that level of absent mindedness yet.

    Drive into the railway station car park and, naturally, have to park at the end furthest away from the station. It's a long walk, but the exercise is good.

    Train into London, where it's drizzling a bit. No worries. It's not very wet and my skin is waterproof.

    The sun came out a few times, the temperature picked up a bit and I'm glad I didn't bother with my fleece.

    Time to go home. Weather is still fine and reasonably warm. Get into train, finish off the last Sudokus and every other puzzle in the paper. Hasn't been a bad day. I'm reasonably happy.

    As the train pulls into my station, I become conscious of bright flashes and loud bangs. Also of rain hammering on the window. I've only arrived in the middle of the worst 'kin thunderstorm that we've had this year.

    As I'm climbing the steps up the footbridge, I realise that it's pointless rushing for the car. I'm already soaked through. Also, my skin isn't as waterproof as I thought it was. It has gone soggy. My boots are filled with water, so I jump in the puddles as a means of cheering myself up.

    Big, very close, flash and instant bang. Not a good idea to be improving my earthing qualities by standing in pools of water, so I stop jumping in puddles. Miserable again. Grump.
  3. I got up early - Had a brew and a good scoff and strolled into work this morning whistling with 30mins to spare.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Got up at noon, had a wnak, a Camel filter and a bacon sarnie then went back to bed.

    Parliament isn't sitting at the moment.
  5. I thought that was an MP's normal routine even when parliament WAS sitting! :wink:
  7. I woke up then realised I was on leave then went back to sleep. Happy Days!
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Work... I am aware of the concept. Just remind me would you?
  9. Alarm went off, rolled over, switched it off and then took great pleasure in waking the brat up for her first day back at school.

    Revenge...sweet, cold, revenge :twisted:
  10. I was woken up this morning by my wife wanting sex. I had to oblige. She then made me breakfast whilst I was in the shower and handed me my lunch on my way out of the door. I drive a delivery truck so I am my own boss. My day is pretty relaxing and enjoy my work thoroughly. I am rarely back home to the wife and kids after 1500.

    Although this morning some twat in a car at the train station started gobbing off about being blocked in then drove down the pavement. CUNT!
  11. I run my own bussiness, went to the office at about 11 ish did fcuk all, ponced around town for a bit then did fcuk all again went home and did some more fcuk all.
    The good thing was, I never went near a train station or worried about being late for work.
    Must get in early in the morning so I can do fcuk all for a bit longer
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    nice one!
  13. Yesterday...yesterday. Oh Yeah another 10 hours of mindless grind.
    Sorry they all sort of meld together into one looooooooong day.

    Highlight of the day was, well going home I suppose, even though I was 30 mins late leaving which means the rush hour is in full swing and I add 30 mins to the trip, which means I got home an hour late.

    I know now what the phrase "the rat race" really means.

    Oh well suppose I will just have to increase my alcohol intake until it all goes blurry :)
  14. I had such a day on Monday. For a start, it was Monday - that kind of holed it below the waterline right there and then. Secondly, I'm involved in getting some students here on a DfID-sponsored scholarship. Given the profile of this scheme and the fact that it pays their tuition fees and living expenses we're at great pains to ensure that the places are awarded to academically excellent students with qualifications verified in-country by University staff. Having got them up to the Start Line and their flights booked, we got a call from one of them to say she had a problem.

    It seems that a letter from a branch of the UK government confirming that they would pay her fees and cost of living, together with a corroborative one from us did not constitute "sufficient proof of funds" and her visa application was knocked back. The FCOs own directives on this scheme state that visas should be granted automatically for such schemes and no application fee charged to the student, BTW.

    Having ensured that the clown responsible was firmly gripped and their decision overturned, we next got a request that she turns up for interview with an ATAS certificate, despite her initial application containing written confirmation from the FCO's own ATAS team that she didn't need one and the obvious fact that ATAS is only for research-based degrees not the taught ones this scheme exclusively covered.

    It would drive me to drink, except for the fact that I can already walk the distance.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well yesterday I awoke at about 0700, eventually showered, staggered the 20 yards to the office in my shorts and T shirt with a mug of Tea and the wife made my bowl of cereals whilst I waited for Microsoft to wake up. 2 hours of arrsse and 30 minutes of real work and I left to walk the dogs, deliver some dog training dummies to a professional trainer. Tea at his, no lunch, drive to a wood and with No2 son remove a high seat. drive to a different wood, dump high seat, feed 250 pheasants and drive a battered soft top vitara like a loon through gaps in the trees too small. Drive home at 630 for supper and TV!