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An old Uncle of mine was killed at Cassino during WW2.

He was with 221 Field Company, RE.

I am trying to find out a little bit more of what the unit was doing there, and even the Coy War Map Trace up until then, IE; where they were and what action they had seen prior.

I know that they were crossing the rivers for the various attempts to take the Mount, but i think i should find out a bit more than that, as he was never found and is on the memorial wall.

Just a bit of advice on who can/could be contacted please would be nice.

Many thanks in anticipation. :D

221 Fd Coy were part of 56 (Black Cat) Division.

The division were involved in the fighting on Monte Camino in the lead up to Cassino, then in the crossing of the Garigliano to the south of Cassino (near Castelforte) in Battle 1.

I'm not sure what Bde 221 supported, but I'll look in the Corps History today. If you haven't read anything about Cassino, I recommend 'Monte Cassino - The Story of the Hardest Fought Battle of WW2' by Matthew Parker.

Is your uncle's name on the wall in the Cassino cemetery or the Minturno cemetery?

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