Fallen Earth MMORPG worth a look.



I tried this game a few weeks ago on the free trial, and found it very enjoyable to play.Ended up subscribing to the game after a few days.

I know everyone has their taste's and preference to games, But I would like to suggest this one for people to have a look at and try.You can download and play the game on its free 10 day trial , its the full game except you have a level limit you can achive as a trial and limited options regarding communication and trading that has been put in place to stop Gold Sellers ...if you like the game, you can upgrade to a full account ( monthly charge like all MMo's ) and keep your trial character if desired.

If you played and enjoyed the original Star Wars Galaxies before they dumbed the game down for mass consumption ( pre-nge ) and you have enjoyed the Fallout series of games, you might ( like me ) find this Mad Max/Apocolypse game interesting.

Too much to explain here, so here are some links to check out.


or just type in Fallen Earth Free Trial into google

Points to note.

1) the Single server for the game is in America......however, there is a lot of Europeans playing the game. Its busy and I have experienced less lag in this game than other games with so called " local European servers "

2) $19.99 direct download from Fallen Earth.com, or £ 30 from steam !

3) Its " M rated ", lots of swearing from the NPCs and adult content.Also means the people playing seem to be impressively more mature than most the idiots you get on these games....the only No,no is to swear in the Help channel.

4) You pretty much have to direct download this game ( stardock/steam/direct from Fallen Earth) as its like rocking horse shite to get in the UK.

5) Its been a slow burner until recently ( released 6 months ago ), a small company runs the game ( the devs jump in and run events and play on a regular basis ) but its growing fast.

If you do decide to play the game, the most important tip is to Complete the Extended Tutorial when offered ....it answers, many questions and helps out massively with items and transport.


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Downloaded last night - need to make the most of the trial as I'm off on holiday next week and need to decide if I want to pay for it when I get back!


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Well I spent the first three days of my return from holiday on the biff with galloping gutrot, so I thought I'd treat myself and pay the ~£20 needed to upgrade to the full version. I'm really getting into this game now, particularly the crafting system. It all feels authentically post-apocalyptic, scrounging around in old cars to find the bits you need to make your first crossbow, and skinning giant mutant animals for the "leather" you need to stitch together into a jacket.

The community isn't the biggest, but it still seems to be social enough. I think this will be rectified somewhat by the latest annoucement that the developers have agreed a deal with a European distributor - expect to see it on the shelves in Game in the next few weeks.

Highly recommended for anyone after a new MMO, particularly Fallout fans.

I'm in as "Bruno Brux", so give me a shout if you join. I can craft some pretty useful stuff now :)

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