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Fallen arches and orthotics.

Just want to test the water before i go running off (or not !) to the physio.
about two years ago my feet finally gave up the ghost and after seeing a physio started to wear orthotic insoles.
I generally run 3-5 miles at around 8 min miles 4 - 5 times a week, in the last month i've developed a niggle in my left foot after running or when not wearing my orthotics i get a dull pain in my left foot between the arch and hell, there's no real swelling and i'm aware of it if i give it a good prod, If i've really opened up my stride get a pain on the interior of the lower leg.
My immediate theory is that when not wearing the orthotics my foot relaxes and as a result feels tender is this utter bol**ks ?
This has only happened in the last month and only the left foot am i missing something ?
Has anyone out there had a similar experience any advice would be welcomed.
Would rather not go to the physio if i don't really need too.

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