Fall in asylum figures expected


The number of asylum claims is continuing to fall, Home Office figures are expected to show.
This may in part be due to tougher border controls enforced in Calais under a special Anglo-French agreement, the government says.
Or this may be in part that Illegals are no longer seeking Asylum, they're just coming into GB , and heading straight for the Black economy?

Stand by for more spin of this type,as the date for the General Election moves ever closer. (Like this year)


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I take it the number of claims are falling because so many have now been granted entry visas and are off the list. Bit like massaging the unemployment figures.
I actually had to go get some first hand information on this, so I went down this afternoon, to our new local Somalian Internet cafe. I jest you not.

Nice bunch in there, Brigands all, but good command of English, and pretty well genned up on Current affairs.

So over a cup of that bloody awful dark strong sweet coffee they drink, I actually said, "Are things getting better in Somalia now, because the Government says there are less Asylum seekers"

Their reply?

"We look after our own, why do they have to claim asylum, when we can give them a job and a place to live . We are a community, back home, we look after each other, we do the same here"

I precis, but that is the general gist of the conversation.

They do all share a fairly common dream, to get as wealthy as possible, and go back to Somalia as "Big men".

SO yes, there may well be less Asylum seeker claims. One reason, could well be that Albanian, Somalian , Iraqi etc etcCommunities are now established, and their help networks are in place.

Wonderful, we used to have the same ethic in this country. That would have been about 1950 though :cry:
ViroBono said:
The number of illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers being deported has also fallen.
What from 3 down to 1
The figures are falling because they are coming here illegally and just dissapearing into the black economy. there for, no application, no official figures ,no more problems for the Great Leader.
And the footage of peole jumping into trucks at Calais is just propaganda by "Little Englander Racists" :evil:
The figures fell by 14% allegedly it said on the news .......... big deal..........thats about 86% to make up innit? Long ways to go yet!
Mega failure.
But the figures quoted are never the REAL story are they, we all know this......
Lorry jumping must be the new thing at Calais. Olympic even 8)

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