They've moaned at every new government of this country since the scrap about 'Las Malvinas'. Every government to date has said no. Let them complain.

It want to attend the meeting where the Spanish, Krauts, Frenchies, Italians etc tell Argentina, "Zese islands, they are English no? They are part of Europe. How you say, bog off!"
Why not send them an invite to, "'ave another go if you think your hard enough :twisted: "

But then again, if new Labliar stay in and more cuts come, then we will not be able to send a tugboat let alone a task force :evil:
Couldn't send a task force now. The main lesson of 1982 is that a taf force needs organic air defence........

........which Labour are scapping - with a vulnerabity gap until the new carriers come along.

Normally I'd post a link to the Sea Jet thread on PPRuNe.......but won't this time. You know where it is.
I wish the Argentinians wold just fcuk off. Once again their government is using this as a distraction from the fact that their country in in deep trouble economically. With the exception of their 1982 folly, they haven't been there since 1833! And it wasn't even us that kicked them off, it was the Americans. By the time the Argies cobbled together a raft to go back the RN had taken its place.

It'd be like the Mexicans demanding the Western United States back. They even offered 500k to each islander if they'd adopt Argentinian citizenship and even then they were told to bugger off.

The same principle should apply to the Falklands as in Gibraltar. Let the people who live there have a referendum on how they'd like to be identified. I imagine the result would be pretty much the same.
the argies are whining spoilt little gits i see in school, nothing like a good slap on the back of the head will shut them up :D
so maybe a few "misfired" missle fly over Argentina and landing in the sea will do the job
I made the mistake of reading all of that tw@ts 'argument'. I know there's two sides to every coin, the Falklands War being no different but his relentless slagging of our forces...

Can we have a whip around to send a couple of our veterans to visit him and 'explain' he's wrong?

I've got a large plank they can use. Nails hammered through it as a courtesy.
It is just some brain washed kid who will not be convinced by reasoned argument. Full of sh1t and doesn’t know it or want to know. We won and the rest is bull sh1t……


Kit Reviewer
Sorry lads, I had a bit of time to spare so I posted.

He does get quite het up for a sprog doesn't he ?
Nice one cuts - by the way he spouts of and rants he is obviously some kid who read some stuff on the internet and believes it is true.
When I see that poster I can't help but think of hte following post, lifted wholsale off another forum.

It's a good read.

Here it is:
This article has been bandied about from forum to forum. It was written by one Matt Olson and can be found at www.netalive.org/mirror/******.html

How to Write Like A ******:

No matter what Flash-blinded web monkeys would have us believe, the Internet is a text-based medium: especially its major discussion forums (IRC and Usenet) where people from all over the world can interact and share information. A popular misconception about text messages on the Internet is that, to be an effective communicator and earn the respect and admiration of your peers, you must be able to write lucid prose; that your messages, articles, posts and pages must be easy to understand and pleasant to read.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Popular sites filled with cutting-edge Internet cognoscenti (such as Slashdot and ShackNews) give the lie to this harmful and destructive myth: they are brimming with horrific grammar, atrocious spelling, gratuitous abbreviation and childish, arrogant attitude. To be "in" on the net, you must write like a ******.

1. Structure.

Just as every house needs a foundation, every brilliantly immature net text is built on a strong structure of ignorance, sloth, and mindless misguided belligerence. You cannot afford to ignore this section.

Don't capitalize

Hey, if it made e.e. cummings look like a visionary, surely it'll do the same for you, right? Wrong. It makes you look like a lazy fuckwit. (Unless you demonstrate that you can use the shift key: for instance, by using characters that demand it, like double quotes. Then it makes you look like a pretentious fuckwit.) Even if you somehow manage to pull off the no-caps style with grace and flair, the best impression you will make is that of a fuckwit admirer of e.e. cummings. That puts you one up on ninety-eight percent of the Internet, but you're still a fuckwit.

Don't punctuate.

Sorry, that should be "Dont punctuate". Skipping out on important punctuation---apostrophes especially---is an effective way of letting the reader know that you can't be arsed to write properly. This gives you an opportunity to annoy your reader with poorly emphasized, amorphous run-on sentences. If you want to write like a ******, you must take every chance to annoy your reader.
Apostrophes are fairly easy to deal with---just skip them entirely--- but hyphens are problematic. You might use spaces instead ("African-American" becomes "African American"), but this runs the risk of correctness (many people would accept "African American" as proper usage). Unfortunately, you run the same risk by simply omitting the hyphen ("e-mail" becomes "email"). Unless you're trying to come across as a pretentious ****** (see "Don't capitalize", above), you're probably better off avoiding hyphenated words, and going with whatever looks least intelligent ("africanamerican", "e mail") when it's unavoidable.


******* up your punctuation is a conservative but effective way of exposing yourself as a retard in front of the Internet.

1. Pluralize with Apostrophes.
"Pluralize with Apostrophe's." This one small tactic is guaranteed to annoy anyone with even a passing knowledge of proper grammar. With a single keystroke, you demonstrate that you're completely incapable of handling the simplest rule of the English language, and reduce your more capable comrades to fits of mute frustration at your wilful idiocy.

2. Overuse Mutated Ellipses.
Never use a comma, a dash, a (semi)colon, or a period. If you absolutely must punctuate---to end what would otherwise pass for a sentence, for instance---toss in either two, or four (or more) dots as an "ellipsis". This will come across as lazy, gutless, and flippant all at once: pure ******.

3. Overuse Exclamation and Question Marks.
Nothing shows your reader how serious you are better than five or six exclamation marks at the end of a sentence. Nothing will make your TA answer your question more quickly than a string of question marks. Bonus points for mixing the two in a question you really want answered. Extra bonus points for stuffing three or four exclamation marks into the middle of a sentence. If anything that should have been an exclamation mark actually comes out as the numeral '1', you can be sure that your reader thinks you are a ******.

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Don't forget the cute misspellings. You're a ******, but you **** to 'pr0n', not 'pornography'. Aspire to be 'kewl', but don't try to be 'cool' except on hot summer days. Don't neglect leetspeak, either: use the '0r' form of verbs as often as possible ('hax0r', 'ownz0r', 'wanx0r'). Replace 'o' with '0', 'e' with '3', 't' with '7', and so on. And while we're at it, be sure to write in an exaggerated ghetto/ ebonic style if you're obviously not black. Nothing says "w*nker!" louder than James Francis Spalding III sending out 'greetz and propz to all [his] hos and homies in da hood'.

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Don't forget that Wicca is synonymous with Satanism. For that matter, all religions with no concept of "the devil" are Satan-worshipping cults.


You don't need something as limiting and backwards-thinking as a point to grace all of the IPv4 address space with your wanking writing, hell no! Start your masterwork with a skimpy rebuttal of what the last guy said, then make a fifteen paragraph digression into a dubious explanation of how quantum chromodynamics proves the existence of Atlantis.
If anyone complains that you're off-topic, call them a Nazi.

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Try to avoid making truly grandiose threats, like breaking into the SAC missile control computer (because, of course, it's gotta be connected to the Internet) and turning their home town into a glowing glass parking lot. People will think that you're being sarcastic, and might even consider you witty.


A number of people have helpfully written (and I use the term loosely) to correct my style of quotation and punctuation: namely, "like this", not "like this." Now, if you limit yourself to one reference, Strunk and White claim that:
Typographical usage dictates that the comma (and presumably the period) be inside the marks, though logically it often seems not to belong there. (p.36, The Elements of Style )
This rule is apparently derived from paper typography, where the kerning of the characters does indeed look better with the comma (or period) inside the quotation marks. However, other astute readers have taken great pains to point out to me that The Web Is Not Print.
Second, another fine and respected reference -- Fowler's Modern English Usage -- indicates that:
If a quoted word or phrase comes at the end of a sentence or coincides with a comma, the punctuation that belongs to the sentence as a whole is placed outside the quotation marks: What is a `gigabyte'? / No one should `follow a multitude to do evil', as the Scripture says
Fowler's also notes that the comma-inside-quotation-marks usage is typical of American English, which I consider an oxymoron. That makes all of you people who've written in to complain about my punctuation unequivocally wrong, though since it takes a reasonably technical and careful mind to notice the so-called error I won't hold it against you.
ESR also has something to say about my punctuation style -- namely, that unintended commas inside quoted strings are a counter-intuitive mutilation. This is, in fact, why I punctuate the way I do.
Top post Listy - I may have to use that on him later......
Interesting arguments from 'Erwin Schätzer' but as he can't even spell Galtieri, one wonders which sources he's been using for his information. I doubt that his large post of ‘facts & figures’ is his own work, but I've run it through an on-line translator (I‘ve edited some of the phraseology, though none of the numbers) and it makes astonishing reading:

The losses of Great Britain

Before speaking of numbers, it should be noted that England did not ever state the true number of losses. It is estimated that it rises to 1,000 dead persons in battle and double that number of injured. 1) it is verified according to stories that the BIM 5 (Battalion of Infantry of Navy 5), produced the most substantial losses suffered by British Forces in the conquest of the Islands Falklands, that elevates the 300 dead persons. 2) they are Neither real the data of the English armada since lost many ships with great part of its crew, of 640 men. 3) That in a single battle England lost 300 men, is evident that in the remainder of the islands also suffered losses of consideration and that until today they are hidden.

Taking into account the official figures accepted by Great Britain, dead persons resulted 255 men during the operations, elevating the figure of the injured personnel to 777; on the whole: 1032 losses. This quantity shows, clearly, that was one of the highest percentages of losses suffered by Great Britain, from World War Two. During the forty-four days of battle in the Atlantic South, the English suffered losses to reason of almost six men for day of battle; while during the conflict with greater numerical losses (Korea), the quantity elevates eleven men for month, approximately.


Not the quantity of aeroplanes lost by the United Kingdom is known exactly, since as in the case of the losses of personnel, the official figures are doubtful. The own registrations speak of the following figures:

Sea harrier they downed: 19 out of service by failures and accidents: 10 Helos downed: 13 F/S: 32
RAF Harrier downed: 12 F/S: 5 Helos downed: 12 F/S: 26
ROYAL MARINES Helos downed: 13 F/S: 4
English ARMY: Helos lost x attacks and accidents: 8
Total Sea Harriers they downed: 19 Total Sea Harriers out of service: 10 Total Harriers downed: 12
Total Harriers out of service: 5 Total helicopters downed: 46 Total helicopters out of service: 62



Sunken ships: 8* (HMS Sheffield, HMS Coventry, HMS Ardent, HMS Antelope, RFA Sir Galahad, RFA Sir Tristam, Great Postage Atlantic Conveyor, landing craft Foxtrot 4). *Note: although is not an official, many they consider that the aircraft carrier Invincible was sunken.

Ships rendered useless: 11 (HMS Invincible (¿sunken?), HMS Brilliant, HMS Broadsword, HMS Alacrity, HMS Avenger, HMS Argonaut, HMS Arrow, HMS Antrim, HMS Glamorgan, HMS Glasgow, RFA Sir Lancelot.

Almost inactive ships (damaged of consideration) : 4 (HMS Hermes, HMS Exeter, HMS Plymouth, HMS Onyx (underwater).

Ships damaged: 9 (HMS Ambuscade, HMS Fearless, RFA Tidepool, HMS Penelope, HMS Minerva, HMS Sir Bedivere, HMS Yarmouth, two not identifying ships.

Of the 40 sent warships by Great Britain (to this there would need to be added 100 transportations of support), the 65% was damaged, and the 20% of the ships they turned out to be sunken.

The figures indicate that thirty-two ships were reached by the missiles of Argentine airplanes, of which, half suffered attacks on more than one occasion. For luck of the Task Force, of the great quantity of bombs MK-17 launched, only two did explosion (HMS Ardent, 21 of May and HMS Antelope, 23 of May; this last one, while tried its disarmament. In both cases the ships turned out to be sunken). More than about ten these bombs did not explode, or simply they crossed the ships cleanly, the certain thing is that the power of the MK-17 is such, that it is estimated that, before the action of an of them, to have corresponded the destruction of the ship that it to receive. The ships that were attacked with the missile Exocet, they were sunken, with exception of the Glamorgan and the Hermes (that remained rendered useless). Although the Hermes was paid attention to the Island Ascent so that then return to the zone of the conflict.



Once it finished the war of Falklands, the British government arranged a minutes of military secret to the day June 14, 2072 , that is to say, 90 years. To that moment those that divulge or they bring to light some data or information that be found in that document they will be processed before Court Martial. For now nobody to spoken on the content of the minutes of secret, but surely one of the main points are the large losses of human lives that has suffered the United Kingdom, during the Exploit of Falklands. Without forgetting also, the loss of great displacement vehicles quantity, so much air as maritime. The British official figures are of 255 fallen and 777 injured. If that is taken into account the alone fact is that the assailant has always but low that the defender, that figure he is totally absurd and lying.

Subsequently he is shown day by day the losses that suffered Great Britain since its arrival to the Georgia April 23 until June 14, 1982 , when the islands are usurped again (In black the quantity of losses by each day of battle is detailed) : References:

- In black color figures the total of fallen in the day. - Each time that is observed a " +", is because the number of losses reckoned is greater that the real one.

23/04: 1 (1) downed Sea King helicopter in Georgia.
01/05: 10 (2) Two harriers destroyed near Argentine Port. 8 marine they die before the attacks of the FAA to the following ships: HMS Arrow (1 +), HMS Exeter(1), HMS Glamorgan (2), aircraft carrier
HMS Hermes (1+), HMS Alacrity (3+).
02/05: 1 Sea Harrier in Argentine Port downed by a cannon of 20 mm. of artillery.
04/05: 28 (3) Harriers downed in the Base Air Condor Falklands. Sinking of the HMS Sheffield (21). The aircraft carrier Hermes suffers the impact of an Exocet (4+).
05/05: 1 (1) Navy personnel in Bay Elephant.
06/05: 2 (2) Two Harriers are downed north of the Island Solitude.
12/05: 4 The HMS Glasgow (or Glascow), remains out of battle (2+). Attack on HMS Brilliant (2+).
17/05: 1 (1) 1 Sea King helicopter downed in coasts Argentinas
18/05: 22 Helicopter Sea King collided with Albatross (according to sources Argentinas actually downed it).
19/05: 1 (1) Sea King helicopter downed and a SAS expert dies.
21/05: 32 Two Gazelles knocked down in San Carlos (3). Is sunken the HMS Ardent (22). They are untidy out of battle: HMS Argonaut (2), HMS Antrim (1+), HMS Brilliant (2). It is damaged the HMS Broadsword (2).
22/05: 1 Harrier is downed.
23/05: 8 A Harrier crashed in nocturnal exit of the aircraft carrier Hermes (1). Is sunken the HMS Antelope (7).
24/05: 10 were damaged the following ships: HMS Sir Lancelot (2), HMS Sir Galahad, HMS Sir Bedivere (2), HMS Fearless (6+). In the case of the Fearless, an a lot greater number is estimated, since just then had a crew of but of 500 men and carried around 300 soldiers to disembark in San Carlos.
25/05: 113 Three Harriers are downed (3). They are sunken: HMS Coventry (70 +) (sank in less than 20 minutes with a crew of 268), HMS Atlantic Conveyor (20). They are untidy out of battle: HMS Broadsword (HMS Sir Lancelot (10). They are damaged: HMS Alacrity (1), HMS Yarmouth (1).
27/05: 11 seven navy personnel die in San Die Carlos (7). Three helicopters are downed: 2 Gazelles, and a Sea King (4).
28/05: 136 Two helicopters Sea King are downed & a Scout (3). A soldier in the island dies Great Falkland (1). Between the 27 and May 29 they die (130) men of the 2 Para in the battle for Darwin.
30/05: 44 Between 23rd & 30th May they die (3 men in the Battle by Goose Green). Sea Harrier crashes (1). It is attacked the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible (5+), which suffers 1 Exocet and two bombs of 250 kgs. each one. According to sources (unofficial) the aircraft carrier sank. To be that certain theory (very probable) the figures would be a lot greater than five losses.
08/06: 162 Attack in Fitz Roy. They are sunken: HMS Sir Galahad (89), HMS Sir Tristam (40), barge of disembarkation (LCU) Foxtrot (10 +) (although was not full of soldiers, due to that transported logistic material, the losses can be greater). They die (8 +) Chinese in the beach, due to the strong bombardments. It is left out of battle the HMS Avenger (5). It is attacked the HMS Plymouth in Pleasant Bay (10), for five missiles of the aviation Argentina.
09/06: 18 Mte. Two Sisters, commands of the SAS.
10/06: 4 they Perish (4) Navy personnel by accident.
11/06: 44 they Die between the 11 and June 12: (3) in Mte. Harriet, (23) of the 3 For in Mte. Longdon, (4) of the 45 of commands, (1) of the 42 of commands, (13) of the company B.
12/06: 29 (4) in Mte. Two Sisters. It is left out of battle the HMS Glamorgan (25), being attacked for the second time, although in this occasion by an Exocet Argentine from Port.
13/06: 360 between the 13 and 14 of June by the Battles of Mte. Longdon, Mte. Wiiliams and Wireless Ridge.
14/06: 10 (5) in Zapper Hill, two Sea King they are knocked down. Fights in Top Bad House (5).
TOTAL: 1,053 they fallen, without counting a possible greater number ( +).


Ships lost (sunken) : 8

Destructive Type 42 class Sheffield (D-80) HMS Sheffield Destructive Type 42 class Sheffield (D-118) HMS Coventry Frigate Type 21 class Amazon (F-184) HMS Ardent Frigate Type 21 class Amazon (F-170) HMS Antelope Logistic Ship of Disembarkation (L-3005) RFA Sir Galahad Logistic Ship of Disembarkation (L-3505) RFA Sir Tristam Portacontenedor of Great Postage Atlantic Conveyor landing Craft Foxtrot 4

Ships out of battle (inactive) : 11

Portaviones Light (R-05) HMS Invincible (¿sunken?) Frigate Type 22 class Broadsword (F-90) HMS Brilliant Frigate Type 22 class Broadsword (F-8 HMS Broadsword Frigate Type 21 class Amazon (F-174) HMS Alacrity Frigate Type 21 class Amazon (F-185) HMS Avenger Frigate class Leander (F-56) HMS Argonaut Frigate Type 21 class Amazon (F-173) HMS Arrow Light Cruiser class County (D-1 HMS Antrim Light Cruiser class County (D-19) HMS Glamorgan Destructive Type 42 class Sheffield (D-8 HMS Glasgow Logistic Ship of I disembark (L-3029) RFA Sir Lancelot.

Ships damaged (almost inactive) : 4

Portaviones Light (R-12) HMS Hermes Destructive Type 42 class Sheffield (D-89) HMS Exeter Frigate Type 12 class Rothesay (F-126) HMS Plymouth Underwater class Oberon (S-21) HMS Onyx

Ships damaged: 9

Frigate Type 21 class Amazon (F-172) HMS Ambuscade Ship of Amphibious Robbery (L-10) HMS Fearless RFA Class Tide (A-76) RFA Tidepool HMS Penelope HMS Minerva HMS Sir Bedivere HMS Yarmouth Two not identifying ships


AIR-SEA SQUADRONS OF THE REAL FLEET: Sea harrier downed: 19 out of service by failures and accidents: 10 Helos downed: 13 F/S: 32
RAF Harrier downed: 12 F/S: 5 Helos downed: 12 F/S: 26
ROYAL MARINES Helos downed: 13 F/S: 4
English ARMY: Helos lost x attacks and accidents: 8
Total Sea Harriers downed: 19 Total Sea Harriers out of service: 10 Total Harriers downed: 12
Total Harriers out of service: 5 Total helicopters downed: 46 Total helicopters out of service: 62


Total airplanes broken in Falklands: 171, of which 46 they remained rendered useless.



Great Britain never declared the true number of losses of its troops neither the loss of numerous armament. It was lower to Argentina and remains shown by the great damage suffered, that surpasses extensively that of Argentina. If today the islands are found in British possession is thanks to the aid that Great Britain received of the United States of North America, and others member of the NATO. Without forgetting to the majority of the European countries (except Ireland and Italy), who they sanctioned economically to Argentina. Surely an Argentine triumph would not leave another alternative that to utilize the atomic bomb on national territory, not by another motive they left from the British ports six atomic submarines toward the Atlantic South, with the objective to flank the coasts of Argentina. Data (unofficial) British assure that the number of fallen resembles 1,300, which the figure of but of 1,000 losses, is not absurd.

Here them abandonment this work, that will help to clear the facts occurred in the year 1982, and in this way to contribute to the "malvinización", that so much does lack in the Argentine town for but of 22 years.
The Goebbels' Institute for True Lies & Propaganda still flourishes in Buenos Aires I see...
too went through that website with a translator. Obvious bullshit and pushing an agenda that they are “not really crap and got their heads kicked in”. It’s in Spanish so this spotty faced oik believes it to be true.

I suggest we all log on and hound the ****** down – at least he will have a real reason for hating the BritMil


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I notice that 'Erwin Schätzer' is also on MSN, pod_biohazard@hotmail.com for anyone that wants to chat to him.

A working knowledge of Spanish is recommended.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

In the name of charity could we please arrange whip-round so we can buy this misguided little gob**** a ****** clue?

If that fails we could then send a raiding party over to the mainland and give the Nazi decendent a thorough shoeing. No need to go straight to the nuclear option.
Muppet has posted the login and admin details for his own board on the net for all to see :roll:








I need ur help!!


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Ord_Sgt said:
Muppet has posted the login and admin details for his own board on the net for all to see :roll:








I need ur help!!
His last line is true enough - he definitely does need help.

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