Falklands xmas leave

Was going to pick up brother in law from Brize, rumour has it the 2 Crab airframes are U/S so will not be home for Xmas, anyone confirm, thanks

moved to RHQ
That would be poo, I spent Xmas 94/95 down there and had a fab time
Ring the movers down the FIs
Thanks, Tried, rumour has it they will find out tomorrow whats happening, to late for xmas, they have had no mail for two weeks and the cashiers are closed for christmas so no beer tokens, wonder if the MOD give a f*ck.....


Try E-Goat,
Someone on there might know...


Have a look here

Would appear that the weather has a lot to do for causing the problem. And also that the civvy charter 747 is U/S with no spare.

Wonder where the movers got the fog and ice making machine that has succesfully closed down most of SE England so that they could have a much longer Christmas break. :p Makes you think they work for HQ LAND! :twisted:

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