Falklands wargame

Discussion in 'Tabletop Gaming & RPG' started by benjaminw1, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Folks ,

    Heads up on a new Falklands war board game, Usual caveat I have no financial interest in this.

    Profits to be split between RBL and Argie service charities

    Where There is Discord

    It would help if I could spell...
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I might get that. My Doris is an Argie, I can show her how we did it, again and again and again :twisted:
  3. The graphics for the playing pieces are very very nice, best of lcuk to 'em! I got a load of board wargames as a lad, from Trago Mills in cornwall, they used to get all sorts of discontinued stuff, I remember this one called Fire Team about the Yanks and Russkies fighting it out in a fictional early 80s WW3, each counter was a single vehicle or section, was pretty good, you determined whose go it was by drawing counters from a cup, red counters for the russkies, green for the yanks, each counter had a number representing 'action points' on it, you spent these to make your units do things (EG 1 action point to move x number of hexes). The clever bit was how the differances between the US and Russian action points cost, the Russians had fewer but higher value chits then the spams, and it was more cost efficient for them to activate platoons than individual elements (vice versa for the americans), so the Russians went less often but made 'bigger' moves when they did, whereas the Yanks went more often but did less in one go, which nicely represented the differance between Soviet battle drills and more flexible NATO tactics...
  4. No point in playing this game .....

    ....we already know who wins :D