Falklands War

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by Radical_Dreamer, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. What're the best books on this war?

    I've read
    - The Falklands Conflict: 20 years on (The Sandhurst book..apologies if I got the name wrong)

    - The Falklands War, 1982 by Martin Middlebrook

    and When the Fighting is Over by Lawrence

    - Above all, courage: The Falklands front line : first-hand accounts by Max Arthur

    Can anyone recommend some better books/documentaries on this war?

    Would be very grateful!
  2. For an amusing take on the war try 'Don't cry for me Sergeant Major'. I can't remember the authors but it's by a couple of journalists who were attached to the troops. Very pro army with some absolute gems of squaddie humour.
  3. The red and green life machine by Surgeon commander Jolly.

    Covers the medical stories. Carrying out a surgical operation with an unexploded bomb lodged in the wall/roof. gives the field medics side of the story (but I am a litle biased)
  4. Jeremy Hands and Walter McGowan
  5. The Falkland Conflict Twenty Years On: Lessons for the Future .. Second Part of it
    The Falklands Conflict in Personal Memory had writings by Sir John Nott, Sir Henry Leach, Brig. Horacio Gonzalez, Maj Gen Julian Thompson, Lt. Gen John Kiszely and Colonel L.J Hellberg.

    I found that part very personal and interesting so I'm looking for things along those lines + different outlooks.
    'Don't cry for me Sergeant Major', I could locate on Amazon! :D On this note, does anyone know a site better than Amazon for Mil History/Strategy books? Amazon seems lacking in that.

  6. excursion to hell by Vince Bramley
    story of vince as a L/cpl in 3 para on mount longdon,really good read a point of view from the tom on the ground
  7. '42 March South' i think it was called wriiten by Lt Col Nick Vaux who was CO of 42 Cdo.

    Admiral Sandy Woodward wrote a good book from the naval and senior command type of angle

    Bryan Hanarahan wrote 'I Counted them all out I couted them all Back'

    Brig Julian Thompson Comd 3 Cdo Bde wrote a good book but the name escapex me

    I also think that H Jones 2 IC wrote one but the name of that one escape me too, it's a long toime since i read it.

    Before you read about the war you should investigate the build up, the negotiations over soveriegnty we'd been engaged in for 20 years, the hunts for the worlds supply of Exocets taking MI6 across Europe and S America, Mrs T's need to get the war started before the UN got us all bogged down in negotiation (hence the Battle for Goose Green), The US offer of a Carrier, French and Spanish pressure via the EEC,,,,,, etc etc there is a lot of interesting stuff out there.
  8. I read one written from the Argentinian perspective. It was a fascinating insight and well worth the read. The details are as follows:

    Middlebrook, Martin (1989). "The fight for the Malvinas":The Argentine forces in the Falklands War. (London: Viking)
  9. Green Eyed Boys
    3 Para and battle for Mount Longdon

    It is a somewhat contentious book about a clique within 3 Para and their experiences on Mount Longdon, taken from eye witness accounts rather than someone who was actually there. However, it is a good read and does offer a very different insight into the British Army as a whole compared to most other books.
  10. For me.....A Soldiers Song.....it has it all.....nuff said!!
  11. For me.....A Soldiers Song.....it has it all.....nuff said!!
  12. T3T, more information please? Author..publisher..
  13. How do you get an eye witness account other than from someone who saw it. DOH!
  14. Another good one is by a former Fleet Air Arm Sea Harrier pilot - Cdr Sharkey Ward, who was awarded the DSC for his part in the War.

    "Sea Harrier over the Falklands"

    He tells it from his own, admittedly biased, blunt point of view. Good reading, especially seeing as he is not very complimentary about either the Command (ie Admiral Woodward) or the RAF contribution.

    Anyway, I take his view and story on the Air War over anything the RAF would have you believe.