Falklands War round 2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_sigs, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. If the Argies, were to decide to attack the falklands again,

    could we as our foces currently stand, make up a task force, and re-do what we did in 82 again?

    I think not, whats everyone else's thoughts?
  2. plenty of threads on this subject have look around .
  3. In a word yes. Now we have TLAMs (Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles). We can reach out and touch then on mainland Argentina with ease. I din't think they would like that very much!
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think now it would never get that far. Having had our noses bloodied once, we keep a much closer watch on what is going on in Argentina than we did hitherto and we would be reasonably sure that we can give ourselves enough warning so that the islands could be reinforced.

    I'm fairly sure that with a week or so's warning, we would be able to get sufficient personnel and hardware down there to make an Argentine attack a suicide mission.
  5. We could just sit Flash on wireless ridge and get him to breathe in the direction of Buenos aires :D

    Failing that give him an aircraft, they'll think the jap fleet of suicide bombers have been called upon to help
  6. I was involved in the first exercise to rapidly reinforce the Falklands many moons a go, not sure if they still carry out similar Exercises. We flew in from the UK after 48hrs notice, and spent a few weeks down there, it was a great laugh.

  7. I volunteer to go in covert to Buenos Aires with the following missions:

    1) Find and destroy that idiot Erwin who turned up in chat the other night and reckoned Argentina were 2-1 up (1806 and 1807?), or alternatively get him to enlist so that some lucky arrser can accept his surrender a few days later.

    2) Seek out any relatives of Cherie Blair and get as much dirt on her as possible.
  8. I will willingly kick Erwin "upside the head" Hes a Prima donna and an irritant of the highest order!!!!
  9. Bits, next time Erwin visits chat remind him that Argentina did'nt exist as an independant nation until 1816 so 1806-7 was England vSpain leaving the real score 1-0 to England.
  10. ........... remind him that argentina as an independant state failed to land troops on the islands until 14 years after Spain pulled out of the Southern Hemisphere and 7 years after their independence was claimed: meaning that their house-keeping was in rag order, after that just remind him that Argentina will be remembered in the English speaking world as part of a musical and a haven for Nazi's they have done nothing to benefit human existance apart from furnish us with cheap leather and beef!
  11. Judging from the tone and content of Erwins recent posts on WW2in Color ( kill all brits etc) I would hazzard a guess that he has been kicked into touch by his girl/boy/llama friend or sprained his wrist and is taking his sexual frustration out the country that not only humiliated Argentina but made them the laughing stock of South America.
  12. Seeing as the Argies only combat experience prior to 82 was making students disappear (an eminently commendable pastime IMHO) and they have had fcuk all since unless you count mass surrenders as tactical excercises, it would seem that the whole thing would be a foregone conclusion.
  13. So how long do you think it will be before the: tight white T-shirted, adams apple and Bryllcream combination, that is Erwin Schatzer arrives and calls us all Gay Brities.

    Oh the joys of mockery!

  14. whats wrong with cheap leather and a big bit of beef MDNs weekend would not be the same with out these two items
  15. Im in the middle of reading a book by Nigel "Spud" Ely of 2 Para called "Queen and Country" he has gone to the Falkland and according to the book , it was actually hard going and was very much touch and go in many Battles, very interesting read, told in a matter fact way, which lend authenticy tot he story.

    wonder if any of you know the guy and is the real deal ?