Falklands war, Round 2 !!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by ex_sigs, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Read in the news lately, that the argies are kicking off over the Falkland Islands again (Malvinas as they call them).

    It got me thinking, that with all of our current commitments around the world, and shortage of various equipment, from ships and planes, to working radios. How would we cope with another invasion??

    Anyone got any interesting ideas on how we would re-take the islands?
  2. Go in there and kick the F*ckers off our soil with pure British might! A war with us and that scum would be ever so one sided.
  3. I'd say let the boys in red take 'em on, on the pitch in Dortmund on the 4th, but both teams have to get there first!!!
  4. I share your concerns ex_sigs. Presumably the Argies would put a bit more effort in this time having been severely butt-fcuked last time. That would leave us needing to up our game to give them a further dose of the same treatment. Could we do it with our smaller army, greater other commitments, and, er, less than perfect equipment state?

    In theory the yanks owe us big time for our support before, during and after Gulf War II. It would be interesting to see if being the best mate of the playground bully works both ways or only one. I suspect that I already know the answer to that one.
  5. Just offload a few hundred female chavs, soon have the argies running if they invaded, far more efficient than dropping some para's!
  6. The argies cant be stupid enough to want to start another war. Once was surely a good lesson to them.
  7. Just remember that this is all just election hype as it very popular to the Argies in the south, also that this time they wont be able to sneak onto the island as there are considerable more military there this time.
  8. Our armed forces are virtually unrecognisable to the ones which made up the Task Force in 1982. I suspect we might struggle to beat Argentina in the way we did last time and I reckon they are aware of this!! I'm not saying we would lose, God forbid, but our last victory in the Falklands was comprehenive despite some heavy losses at sea. We have suffered a 40% reduction in the regular British Army since 1982, when you have to remember we also had the second largest navy in NATO - The Royal Navy is nowhere near that strength anymore!! If they want another go at the islands, there isn't much we can do to prevent that from the UK but we might have to prepare for "one bloody battle royal" !!
  9. Must have a few tomahawk available couple of nuclear subs would make the sea crossing intresting plus mount pleaseant airport
    gives the crabs somewhere to fly from .Unless the argies sneak a huge armada cross without notice .Guess all the army would do is round up any surviors who make it too the shores .You could always trident the invasion force let it get 100miles off shore then bang
  10. I would leave the Islands, and directly attack the mainland USA style ..... hit their ports and airfields with cruise missles, let our subs hit anything going into an exclusion zone around the islands or along the Argentinian coast.

    Then if they still complain and refuse to withdraw from the 'FALKLAND ISLANDS' give them instant sunshine on their southern tip as stronger warning.

  11. They would have a job getting onto the islands though.before the falklands war there was a token force of marines on the islands, now there are more service personnel than their are inhabitants. if the argies couldnt hold a defensive position, how the hell could they assult one?
  12. Think it will just be political but it will be hard if it goes to a war especially as they havent been having the handicapp of being spam trained unlike last time.
  13. UK forces are already dug in, there are posts on all the high ground. there is a road network for moving troops to beachheads ( A luxury the Argies never had)

    The Argies have had a faster decline in their Military than even we have!

    The UN have passed a resolution declaring it as independant of Argentina making an Argentine invasion an act against hte un not just Hm govt. (although it seems the security counsel can be ignored if you want.)

    There are three hundred miles of ocean that any invasion force owuld have to cross. which is more than enough to launch an interdiction. Unless their Specials that did such a good job of destroying an empty marines Barrack block in episode one can manage to Neutralise all of MPA before the invasion fleet arrives.

    There are minefields all over the beaches thanks to episode one. Im sure that we could sly some extra minefields ahead of any beach landing and claim that pedro and miguel had left them from last time.
  14. In todays "blairs britain" im suprised that we havent just given the Argies the Islands in a goodwill act. I honestly believe if we did not have military might on the islands and they tried it on again Blair would not give a s*it and try to explain that it was theres all along.
  15. And you really dont think blair would want to take back the falklands at all costs just to show he is just as good as winston churchill or thatcher so he could have his legacy as "the great ober-fuhrer of britain" ? I reckon blair would be spoiling for a fight, without quite realising that after defence cuts we cant actually punch above our weight anymore...With the obvious consequences