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Does anyone know of any websites where i can download reasonable quality photos of the Falklands Conflict (particularly regarding the Land componant) for a presemtation?

how did the Falkland Island Defence Force perform during the invasion and during occupation ?
were they released after the surrender or idi they spend the whole war as POWs ?
On 1 April 1982 the FIDF was mobilised, along with Royal Marine Naval Party 8901, to defend the Falkland Islands from a full scale Argentine invasion. On the morning of 2 April the Governor, Sir Rex Hunt, ordered the FIDF and the Royal Marines to surrender. The Argentines seized all equipment belonging to the FIDF and declared it to be an illegal organisation. Several members of the FIDF were arrested by the Argentines and sent to Fox Bay where they remained under house arrest until the Argentine surrender. The FIDF was reformed in 1983.
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Google 'Falklands' or 'Falklands War' and check out the thousands of images.
thanks for that link flash, i have seen some of them and others i havent seen before .

what i am looking for is not the "official" version, what i am looking for is from the horses mouth from men who have been there.

were the FIDF effective , did they live up to their training and demonstrated courage under fire and played their part to the full ?
I lived in one of the settlements for seven months, Suppsedly the FIDF were all disbanded and went back to their houses in Stanley or camp and were betrayed by an islander (dont know why) and they spent some time under house arrest), a large majority of the normal population didnt like the Argies and took it upon themselves to give them grief.

The canteens and mess halls all supposedly had rat infestations, thanks to local resistance more than poor hygiene.
Drain plugs were routinely loosened on gearboxes and engines in Stanley.
Fuel was watered down and stolen from the goose green garrison.

One of my mates out there now still has a few hundred rounds of 7.62 and an argie rifle he uses for shooting geese. which he and his brother liberated from a cache at Goose Green.

Bearing in mind that these are hte same guys who claimed the SAS were walking into Stanley in Civi dress to post sitreps home to the Uk on postcards...THIS IS PROBABLY BENNIE BOLLOCKS!

It is more likely that they spent all of their time drinking room temperature crates of bottled beer and driving into ditches whilst listening to Kenny Rodgers and Patsy Kline