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Barrage balloons might have distracted, but probably less than return fire. Yes they could have provided markers as they did over the D Day Beaches.

No. Barrage balloons and passive protection from smoke fell out of use post WW2. Too manpower intensive and sod all use against ICBMs, rocket pods and radar guidance.

Far too unpredictably windy.
You're a member of Hollywood platoon and I claim my knock off betamax copy of 'The Paras'
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"Lt Bell Davis took the photo from Broadsword. There were 4 aircraft split up into 2 pairs, 2 attacked Broadsword and 2 attacked Coventry moments apart. I also have an original photo scanned and uploaded onto www.hmsbroadsword.co.uk One of the bombs dropped seconds after this photo missed me by about 10ft."

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Could you provide a link to your photo on that website as I can't find it? Maybe can't see it for looking!
I don't know if it is on here or if on another Forum, but I have seen a massive thread in which some Argentinian insists that the Invincible was sunk and a replacement was built within two years. He provides all kinds of "evidence", including video from a game I think, and completely disregards anything to the contrary, including US dock workers who state with confidence that there is no way they could build a foreign carrier from scratch in anything less than 5 years or something. His reply was "yes you can"
Ah, Erwin Schatzer and his batshit mental Argentinian mates. Bless 'em...


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That (the phot from Broadsword) went on the cover for the RN's TACNOTE on countering fighter-bomber aircraft, that did. TN13/12 from memory? Trying to make the point of how even older jets with iron bombs can still be a big problem...

(The AAWO who proof-read and corrected it, was a subbie on Coventry at the time - said getting sunk was no fun at all and he'd prefer to spare others the experience. Top bloke, too)
In that case do you have contact details for the owner? The reason I would like it is that I recently did a UXO clearance task on Funafuti, Tuvalu. It was very difficult to get it across to people that when the Japans attacked the atol the Septics put up a wall of AA fire, most of which fell into the lagoon as either frag or UXO. That pic demonstrates the fall of shot into water - and that was at 2 a/c, the Septics had 70 ships as well as shore based arty firing at 20 or so aircraft, again and again. The stuff they were firing was everything from SAA, through 20mm HE, 30mm, 37mm, 40mm, right up to 5". The consensus of the blokes I was working with was that once something is fired it just disappears.

Open Government Licence should apply as it was taken on MOD time

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The moment I saw this thread I wondered just how long it would be before someone raised the allegations concerning 3 Para at Mount Longdon!

What Iâm forced to ask myself, is the purpose that the ashes of these allegations are being raked over here?

Be careful, very careful what you wish for and what youâre fishing for here. Now that the rule of double jeopardy has been repealed itâs just possible that what is being raked up here could be enough to trigger a renewed witch hunt â¦oops sorry, enquiry.

It seems to me that with the volume of information already in the public domain that there was already sufficient information out there to sate the appetite of most people.

One publication has already covered the allegation that a certain Corporal âlost itâ and mutilated dead Argentine bodies only to be killed by incoming artillery fire, something that remains unsubstantiated.

The remaining two allegations have already been done to death surely?

Suffice it to say that despite extensive enquiries having been undertaken there was never any evidence to substantiate the allegation that three Argentine North American contractors (mercenaries) were summarily eliminated.

The other suggesting that Argentine POWâs were executed was extensively investigated by Scotland Yard, they interviewed many people in the course of their enquiries including Hew Pike who commanded the battalion at the time.

Yes Scotland Yard did go to the Falkland Islands and dug around at Mount Longdon looking for evidence of an atrocity but they found none. The enquiry was closed down sometime afterward.

Revisionism is akin to opening a raw rancid sewer and rolling around in it, itâs a disgusting piece of self abasement that does not do credit to the instigator, what is your point precisely?

Weâve already witnessed the costly debacle of the Bloody Sunday enquiry initiated at the behest of the beloved leader Bliar â itâs rumbled on and on and on â itâs made his lawyer cronies bags of money but has served no useful purpose â revisionism again!

Do us all a favour and leave this one well alone. 3 Para served their purpose and while you can sit comfortably at your keyboard with your fags and coffee to hand belting out this drivel maybe instead of taking these things in isolation and seeking to capitalise on them, youâd do better to access all the facts first before firing off your gob.

This Airborne Battalion distinguished itself and discharged itâs duty in accordance with their brief. What was it that J J Moore said to Corporal XXXXXX? Youâll just have to guess what you?

26 dead, 49 serious casualties and the objective was taken but sustained enemy shelling afterward. Anyone remember Derek the Cleric (Heaver) and what he was saying to people as he walked among them? Wonder where Derek is now?

I will close this paying tribute to Chris Lovett, Chris was a medic and a very close and personal friend, he was killed bending over a casualty to protect them. He was posthumously awarded a Mention in Dispatches.

Armed Conflict is fought by the youth of one side against the youth of the other side, despite all the best training, on the day it all comes down to one side overcoming the other, it is natural in the aftermath of such obscene and gutter violence that people will react in strange ways and will have flawed perceptions.

That includes boastfulness and embellishment that is often used to camouflage or mask other deeply troubled emotions with no intent to deliberately mislead and little credence should be given to this phenomenon.

Leave this one well alone!
Arandale. I don't know if you are still a member of this forum but I am the sister of Chris Lovett you are talking about on this thread. I would dearly love to know more about my brother and his actions in this conflict. We as a family were told two different stories about his death on Mt Longdon. One that he was shot by a sniper and another that he was blown up as the back of his head was soft. Can anyone tell us more please? I know this thread is from many years ago but I am hoping you are still on it and still alive. Can anyone else give me the information I require please? I am asking you Arandale as you have said what good friends you both were. Many thanks in anticipation.
They did this for several days. If you're too bored, fast forward to about 1:30.
2 mins plus says all it has to say about their bravery.
The Argentine pilots were as good as any. They might have been flying old kit but they came in balls to the wall...

One passed close by me at Fitzroy, no more than 50 feet off the deck and banked over to the right as he came over a low ridge into sight - close enough that I could see the pilot looking around (white bone dome and tinted visor down)...


Donald Trump says it never happened.
A bit like Vietnam, he dodged that & all made up like his tax returns, allegedly.


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I can now dismiss a Falklands myth, 40 Commando DID go South in 82..........

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thank you very much for this information. I will try and see if I can email him. I really appreciate the time you have taken to contact me.

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