Falklands War Myths

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by sabrejet, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Now that Tony Blair has officially endorsed the Falklands War as a good thing perhaps its time to look at some of the spin of the time.

    The big lie (possibly) was that Britain pulled off the whole operation itself. However some USAF Tanker crews that I met at the time insisted that they were involved, none of the histories I've read aknowledges this.
    (Before you ask why I don't post this question on the RAF site, the answer is why bother, no one ever puts anything intersting up there, you might as well be reading the RAF News)

    Another question concerns the loss of the Atlantic Conveyer. Some matelots I knew at the time said the Conveyor was actually sacrificed to save one of the carriers, when an exocet was spotted inbound the Conveyor was turned beam on to it so that the exocet would lock to it instead of the carrier.
  2. My father was briefed at the time that we faced a well trained and highly disciplined and motavated force!
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  4. **** off i heard that the argies were using american contractors.
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  5. Christ, she would be quite a ship to be able to turn in the few seconds warning she would have against a exocet with a top speed of 315 m/s.

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  6. And it was carrying all the chinooks other helicopters and weapons and important kit.
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  7. Think you've been had, KC-135s use flying booms to transfer fuel, RAF/RN use probe and drogue - it’s like trying to connect a parallel printer cable to a USB port. The USAF do have mod kits to allow probe/drogue refueling but none had been procured by 1982. the USN and Marines however do use the UK system which is why our knackered VC-10s and Victors were in demand during GW1
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  8. Well if an exocet has a range of 70km that gives it a flight time of 3.7 minutes

    So how long does it take to turn a ship?

    USAF normally uses booms for USAF but they can carry adaptors for drogues and the RAF can tank from them

    And see this for Helli refuelling
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  9. i read somewhere that:

    maggie told the argies, that she would use the nukes that where loadong on our sub, and hit main land argieland,

    also that 'THEY' where on mainland argieland...

    we had the V-bombers fly into argie mainland airspace to prove we coulshit the mainland...

    and even that the argies hit HMS. invincable, the only proof of this though was a computer animated video on youtube...

    i can believe the 1st two
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  10. Sod the americans.
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  11. The story I heard was that the Argentinians mistook Atlantic Conveyor for one of the carriers. IIRC they announced that they had sunk one of the carriers after the attack on Atlantic Conveyor.
  12. blue-sophist

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    .... LATE.
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    IIRC they claimed to sunk half the RN ... or in today's terms ALL the RN.

    Dago to**ers. Even Goebells was vaguely credible at times.
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  14. Vulcan 607 includes an account of the global search for scarce AAR parts some of which were found and recovered in a hurry from RAF a/c in US museums. I'm no aviator or rigger but don' you think that if the USAF had drogues that would fit V-Force probes then they must have had spare probes that could have been fitted to the V-Force?
  15. I was told by a skimmer of the Herpes who was in Stanley with my in '83, that an inbound exocet aimed at the Herpes, was diverted by chaff and, because the Herpes was in front of the Atlantic Conveyer at the time, the exocet bypassed the Herpes and looked for the next biggest thing. You've guessed it! so it was nothing to do with sacrificing it whatsoever. Also, when Scot was txing, it jammed everything on the ship so they did not have enough time to warn the AC of the incoming, allegedly
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