Falklands War & HMS Invincible

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by lancslad, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Whilst stuck on the plane this morning I had the time to read in full for once the Straits Times and encountered an article on "Asia's arms race goes underwater" by William Choong, a correspondent based out of Canberra (email wills.choong@gmail.com). The subject matter was the increase in the procurement of submarines in Asia and to demonstrate the value of a submarine the correspondent made the following statement:

    "During the 1982 Falklands War, an Argentinian submarine struck the British aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. Although the Invincible survived the attack, the event could have changed the outcome of the war."

    Now I recall from earlier discussion that the issue of Invincible being hit by the Argentinian airforce was successfully debunked. However, I've never heard of a submarine attack that resulted in an actual hit on the ship. Does anybody know differently or is this particular correspondent talking b0llocks?

  2. Nowt to do :? There were cute chinese stewardesses in need of TLC :D Remember - "it's a great way to fly" ;-)

    But back to the thread :D

  3. Since plenty of witnesses turned up to say that they hadn't noticed any bloody big holes in Invincible whilst they were aboard at the time, I'd say that the submarine story is about as credible as the airstrike story.
  4. Even the Argentine sub skipper hasn't made such a claim.

  5. The press were on Invincible weren't they?

    Hardly likely that story would have gone amiss.

    I'd read the Beano (or Daily Sport) its got more fact in it.
  6. Oh ffs, more theories about the Invince in the Falklands.

    Where's my maritime expert throbber Arandale when I need him???
  7. The Argentine Navy (Surface that is) didn't leave port, once we had sent the ARA General Belgrano to the sea bed.

    I also rather fancy HMS Swift(?) would have dealt with any submarines trying to leave Argentina.

    Also HMS Onyx, HMS Conqueror and, not forgetting, the DD and FFs. The Andy would hardly let a Submarine go pootling around.

    They had only 3 Submarines at the time. By tradition, Argentine submarines bear the names of provinces whose names begin with the letter "S", thus, the pool of names is limited to only six ("Santa Fe", "Salta", "Santiago del Estero", "San Luis", "San Juan" and "Santa Cruz") resulting in repeated class names.

    Santa Fe (3rd use of Santa Fe for a class) class (US-built Guppy class)

    ARA Santa Fe, S-21, formerly USS Catfish. Commissioned in 1972, 1982 sunk during the Falklands War (at SG I think, by a Wasp heli).

    Salta Class (German-built Type 209)

    ARA Salta, S-31, commisioned 1974
    ARA San Luis, S-32, commisioned 1974, moth balled in 1997 after incomplete overhaul (due to budgets).

    The Salta and Santa Fe classes were both Diesal/Electrics.

    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARA_San_Luis
    My bold and red.

    HMS Invincible sailed on the 5th April, San Luis and Santa Fe had 42 and 23 days apiece open to damage her. Nothing has come out from the Argentine captains of these ships.

    ARA Salta was not operational at the time.
  8. Thanks c_f - I suspected the journalist was talking b0llocks when I read the article. My own reference material flagged the Sante Fe but I wasn't aware of the other Argie subs so that item of information is very helpful. If only he'd referred to Conqueror sinking the Belgrano as his illustrative example of the potential impact of a submarine :D