Falklands war good documentaries\movies

Always been fascinated by the FI campaign and have read alot of books and watched a lot of docs about it but am feeling in the mood to watch some more after reading "Mount Longdon" on kindle! Has anyone got any suggestions?

My first thing to watch is "Tumbledown" which I've never seen but am keen to watch now.
Survival nature programme covers the rescue of two ladies, more info here
RAF - The recapture of South Georgia
From wiki
Stranded on South Georgia (1982) One of the most extraordinary episodes in Survival’s history took place in 1982 on the island of South Georgia when film-makerCindy Buxton (a daughter of Aubrey) and assistant Annie Price were caught up in the Falklands War. The women were filming penguins when the island was invaded, and although Argentine troops never reached their remote location in St Andrew’s Bay, the pair were cut off for almost a month until being rescued by a helicopter from HMS Endurance. Cindy and Annie, who had flown a union jack on a makeshift flagpole at their camp, found a heroes’ welcome awaiting them when they returned to the UK. Their adventures were featured alongside the wildlife in a one-hour film Stranded on South Georgia and they subsequently recounted their experiences in a book Survival: South Atlantic.[50] The programme was re-titled King Penguin: Stranded Beyond the Falklands in the US where it was narrated byOrson Welles and received an Emmy Award nomination in 1983.
Their version:Taster

Ungentlemanly Act is probably the best, i also have it on DVD. That pile of pooh about the turd who deserted & popped up a few weeks after endex was....er a pile of pooh. Tumbledown ain't bad & there was another fillum i can't remember the name of that covered some of the GG assault.
Their version:Taster

Might've been on that. I was amused to hear one of the Argies say that they expected to arrive to a heroes welcome.

He was most upset to hear the islanders say that they were quite happy living under British oppression, didn't want to be liberated and they should piss off before the British get back.
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What I particularly liked about "An Ungentlemanly Act" was the ending. "Don't get too comfortable, we'll be back".

Cut to archive footage in black & white of HMS Invincible & HMS Hermes, crammed with aircraft, crew manning the upper decks, sailing out. Accompanied by drums and the unmistakably haunting voice of Margaret Thatcher: "The Government has now decided.."

Sets my hair on end every time.
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Just found this one , it's of the first bombings of Stanley airport by the Vulcans and Sea Harriers , but seen from the Argentine side , using the original Argie newsreels . All in Spanish , but worth seeing nonetheless for the raw footage of the damage caused to the airport and the casualties , even though it was immediately apparent to them we hadn't holed the runway .
It also shows them firing at one of their own Mirages (20.35)


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