Falklands war booty

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by velcrostripes, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. According to Wikipedia , British forces captured the following aircraft following the Argie capitulation :

    Captured after the war
    11 FMA IA 58 Pucará
    2 Agusta A109 Army
    7 Bell UH-1H Iroquois Army
    1 Boeing CH-47C Chinook Army
    1 Aérospatiale Puma SA330L Coast Guard
    3 Aermacchi MB.339A Navy
    2 Bell 212

    Were any of these serviceable , or had the Argies disabled them ?

    What became of the Panhard armoured cars often seen parked up at the surrender ?

    I recall seeing Gurkhas driving around in captured Merc 4x4's around Aldershot and Bordon in '83 .
  2. At least some of the Panhards were returned to the UK - 1 is in the Tank Museum in Bovvy, and one was/is at MPA somewhere (though it is 19 years since I was last down south!)
    I believe a Pucara ended up at the AAC museum - it was outside IIRC for a while as I seem to remember seeing it driving past once.
    Not sure about the rest - the Mercs ended up with 'CV' plates (Captured Vehicle?) - but had to be cannabalised as Merc wouldn't provide parts for them as the Argies hadn't actually paid for them and MoD wasn't going to ruck up either!
  3. I know when we did the swimming pool job the reme lads were using one of the mercs as the LAD vehicle but that was in 91

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  4. Sorry, off thread a little:

    I remember the swimming pool being there in 91 - I went down on exercise for a few weeks, which was the last time I went down south, having done two previous tours (86 on South Georgia & 87 at MPA) for my sins. Was v surprised to see a swimming pool!
  5. At least one Pucara and one Huey were evaluated by Boscombe Down, I don't know what happened thereafter. A number of AAA pieces were used to equip an RAF Regiement reserve unit. I think that more of the aircraft might have been made airworthy had they not been heavily souvaneered beforehand.
  6. The Skyguard radar which controlled the AAA guns (Oerlikons?) also became war booty and was use by the R Aux AF rock sqn based on the other side of Lincoln. A shed load of spares for the Skyguard was also recovered back to UK and when we checked them after being quarantined (in case they were booby-trapped), every single item was already NATO-codified even though the kit was supposedly designed, manufactured and built in Switzerland. These spares came in handy for a lot of work being carried out by a certain "avionic development unit" based on our north of Lincoln airfield.
  7. I have a very nice chunk of Pucara framed and mounted. Cut out the Argie flag and "ARMADA" wording from one of the ones left at the Stanley airstrip, the Panhards, as I recall sat by the racetrack on the way out to Moody Brook for ages, pillaged those aswell. I was fortunate in that I was never checked for spoils of war on return to the UK. Have, amongst other items, a very nice Argie bayonet for the FN, one piece molding, attached to the business end of the FN much the same way as the SA80 one does. Much like this one Google Image Result for http://www.old-smithy.info/bayonets/fullsize/sweden/Sweden%20FN%20FAL%20trials.jpg
  8. I seem to recall a number of the Mercs being backloaded to the UK. I also went on a deep sea dump on the "Black Pig", rolling off a shed load of 105mm howitzers, and tons of small arms.
  9. The Agusta's have only just come out service.
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  11. A bit off topic. I remember the aux. sqn recruiting around '86 though by then they'd been on the go a couple of years. A few years later they were still in the old bomb store area outside the airfield whilst the RE TA sqn was comfortably set up in, what was by army standards, good accommodation. When they were in 4 Hangar the RE sqn shared with the Vulcan. When the RE moved from 4 Hangar to 1 Hangar and then to the other side of the runway, the AA kit and sqn were supposed to move to 4 Hangar.
  12. Not all of the small arms and ammo got that far. There are a number of flooded holes around the FI with shed loads of 105 and 155 ammo in them. I went diving in one with 2 mates, but we elected not to go to the bottom!
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    One of the Panhards ended up at Combermere Barracks at the old Household Cavalry Museum. Im not sure if its still there. I suspect it will be as im not sure that there is space for it at the new museum in london.
  14. In his book Seven Troop old Andy says that the SAS were using some Augusta 109s that had been taken during the Falklands...
  15. A captured Huey was used by the RAF Benevolent Fund for a while, I recall seeing it at an airshow in 1984 or 85. I heard it is used as an instructional airframe somewhere nowadays!