Falklands veterans funding request rejected

A veteran's charity hoping to build a house in the Falkland Islands to help British war heroes make pilgrimages to the battlefields has been refused Lottery funding.

The Falklands Veterans Foundation wants to mark next year's 25th anniversary of the conflict - which cost the lives of 255 UK servicemen and left many more mentally and physically scarred - by building the house overlooking Port Stanley, on land donated by the islands' government.

Revisiting the scene of the bloody battles has allowed hundreds of servicemen to pay homage to fallen comrades and lay their own ghosts to rest.


The case highlights long-standing concerns over the way Lottery money is handed out, with bizarre and dubious causes or those aimed at ethnic minorities and immigrants often favoured over more mainstream projects.

Controversial Lottery grants include £420,000 to help Peruvian farmers breed fatter guinea pigs to eat, and £340,000 for the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns to stop the Home Office removing failed asylum seekers from Britain.

Almost £360,000 went to the UK Network of Sex Work Projects which campaigns to legalise brothels and prostitution, and the gay pressure group Stonewall received a £900,000 grant.

• To support the Falklands house project, send a cheque payable to 'Falkland Veterans Foundation', to 167 Stoke Road, Gosport, Hants. PO12 1SE
I was going to say Unbelievable but lets face it the way this country is going I can well believe it .. still an utter disgrace though.
MoggyCattermole said:
I was going to say Unbelievable but lets face it the way this country is going I can well believe it .. still an utter disgrace though.

Yet again, this country's priorities leave me f**king speechless.
Says in the Mail article that they scaled the project down from initial cost of £600,000 to £200,000 AND they have raised £40,000 themselves, doesnt that count ??, Loved the part of the application process that required them to state if any Ethnic Minorities would benefit, how sad and pathetic.

How about sending the Gurkhas round with the application form ??, good chance there they could scare the whole £600,000 out of them.
Vile and blatant discrimination by socialist, sandal wearing, bunny hugging bigots; how they justify their selection criteria would beggar belief I'm sure. I've been boycotting the lottery for years. Another ARRSE campaign to raise cash/awareness/show support? Count me in.
They may be falklands vets but they aren't newsworthy any more. They did their bit and if they would just go somewhere and be quiet that would be just great.

Meanwhile we need more theatre workshops for lesbians, gay bereivement centres, underage mother and child creches, inner city garages to teach the deprived how to spray cars, etc, etc.
Fairly standard, and kind of expected really. The FVF try hard, and they have been pushing for this for ages. Considering that we are approaching the 25th anniversary of the conflict, you would have thought that a few quid could have been found to get something built for next year.

I fully expect a private funder to come in to this and take it over, possibly someone like Sir Donald Gosling.

The Lottery is shite, everyone knows it. All the money goes to the wrong causes, the running should have been handed over to Richard Branson - as the Government have lots of "friends" working for Camelot, it's never going to get better until this shower of shite are disposed of.
At least we can say the lottery fund is consistant .
Tell them it is for homes for asylum seekers , bet they get plenty of money then
he gay pressure group Stonewall received a £900,000 grant.
Jesus christ - isnt homosexuality self funding? No? Probably not in the same way that it isnt self lubricating.

Whilst some of the lottery grants beggar belief, the article doesnt give an explanation of why the project wasnt funded. I remember seeing something on the telly about the lottery, and projects must meet a certain amount of the costs themselves. If there is evidence that the project may not meet its part of the bargain, the lottery wont give funding. It would be interesting to read the lottery funds explanation for refusal.
While talking to my Combat Stress Welfare officer I found out more people from the Falklands War have committed suicide than were killed in the whole of the war, same statistics unfortuntely for the first Gulf War.

AS the Navy, Army and RAF have no 'Political' clout I think we will be 'Tommy Atkins'd' till the country thinks it needs us again.

Yet again government "targets" screwing up a system that would work just fine if they didn't meddle (just like the NHS).

Give it to Branson, he seems to be in tune with the nation rather than this lot who panda to every minority there is.

It would not surprise me in the least that most casualties froma war, die during hte years after it. The old poems are absolutly true, all over us like a rash during the war, couldn't give a fcuk after it.
Or the Falkland Islands Company...

You'd think they could spare it.
how about an email to paddy ashdown

Former booty officer and SBS, im sure he could donate money/use influence

What about an email to prince andrew if such a thing is possible?


I thought that we'd all become used to this. It's the norm for Britain. They couldn't give a sh*t about what happens to today's squaddies so why should we be surprised when the ignore yesterdays men?
Total madness,

Now if they said they were gay soldiers wanting to build a "cottage" then no doubt funding would be forthwith

What a totally screwed up country this is!!!
I think the problem was the cost of the flights down to the falklands was
one of the reasons they turned it downed :( should be funded over other things .
No woody the reason it didn't get funded is that lesbian and gay guinea pig fatteners and their ilk ORGANISE and lobby like you wouldn't believe, that is why they are invited to sit on decision making bodies (pissing out not in), they then take care of their own. Far too many Armed Forces groups seem to be stuck in a 1950's limbo when it comes to accessing the strings of power.


The Lottery is shite, everyone knows it. All the money goes to the wrong causes, the running should have been handed over to Richard Branson - as the Government have lots of "friends" working for Camelot, it's never going to get better until this shower of shite are disposed of.[/quote]

I’ll start by saying I quite like the Lottery, yes many see it a tax on the dreams of the poor but it has also helped the same people immensely but this is another example of the greater malaise affecting the Lottery grants. There are now 14 separate organisations handing out money and whilst they obviously need a proportion of intellectuals and SMEs to vouchsafe the viability of projects; they should have a far greater number of "us what is to fick to help ourselves, innit!". Why should every project have to show it will help a number /% of ethnic minorities? Do the gay and lesbian projects have to show they will help the same number or % of heterosexual people? Unfortunately it is a simple case of positive discrimination, not against a race, religion, etc but against the mainstream as viewed, IMHO, by the majority of the citizens of this country. I make that distinction because I seem to recall that the aim of the lottery when it was instituted was to assist community projects for us, not Peruvians farmers, Albanian illegal immigrants or the myriad other weird and wonderful causes supported by the committees. For example, as a non-arty type I fail to see how Social Inclusion through the Arts for sex workers does anything to alleviate the problems of street prostitution (and the associated issues of drugs, violence and abuse). On a tangent, when a film funded by the Film Council makes a profit do they return the money granted in the first place? Disjointed rant I know but there you go!


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