Falklands Vet Selling His MM

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Track_Link, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. There was a story late last night on local news (South East) of a Falklands Vet selling his Medals including an MM as he has fallen on hard times.

    Is there any way ARRSE can help the fella out?
  2. got a link?
  3. Just found it..

  4. Ian Bailey's Wiki page

    I don't have a sound card on my PC at work so I can't hear what he's saying. How much does he need?
  5. According to the article, on sale today with an estimate of £60,000

  6. He says he was down to enough savings to pay for 2 months worth of bills.
  7. Why do we constantly see guys having to resort to things like this, especially for health care, treatment, etc.

    This fnuckin government does my head in. They have paid far more already than any fnuckin immigrant will ever do.

    Confirms my decision to throw smoke and move overseas.

    Brown, your a cnut!
  8. He was Junior RSM at IJLB when I was there, then met him again when we were both in Woolwich Hosp after the FI. Nice bloke, very committed soldier and a bloody shame it has come to this for him.
  9. Hi medals will go for more than £60K, again the dear old auctioners have got the price pegged low. Captain Bailey I am sure has tried all the avenues and i bet the Para Association are on his case, but as he so rightly said his case is not unique and we will see loads of guys who are going through or have already gone through Selly Oak in similar situations over the years. I am not sure that ARSSE can come to the rescue all the time, this is a Government issue and our wounded need to be looked after long term through tax breaks and benefits in cash and kind.
  10. Well said pimpernel. Honour the Covenant... It's the least those in power can do.
  11. Totally agreed, and you wouldn't hear anybody bleat about an increase in tax to cover it either.........
  12. So where is this "debt of gratitude" prommise by Government??
    This makes my funking blood boil, knowing that all this sweet pep talk by Government is a pack of funking lies, and leaves so many ill veterans feeling cheated, used and abused.
    All M.Ps are funking con artist bullshitters as far as i am concerned.
    I want to take the outrage bus out to round all M.Ps up and dump them into the funking sea!!
    I'll give the bastwds "debt of gratitude" :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Oh, I think you would. :(

    Obviously not for the Mil/Vet community, by they'd be some.
  14. Not from those going from 40% up to 50% in April.........at least then we'd see some benefit derived Cyclops' bullshite policies.
  15. FFS, why does our government who we fight for treat veterans like crap. Why do these illegals get more rights in benefits then him. Really unfair that is.